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It is not a fascist country, not Russia. Bval only GRU fights for Kiev

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Vladislav Amosov spent more than fifteen years in the Russian army and intelligence services of the GRU. After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, he decided to change sides. Now he is fighting for Ukraine against his Russian comrades. Amosov said at the station that the land to which she had been sold did not exist Rdio Svobodn Evropa. There is no such thing as a fascist state, not Russia, a statement that clearly has bearing on Moscow’s claim that Russia is fighting Ukrainian Nazis.

I am ready to go to Russia and kill the enemy here. My country’s enemies are those who support the government of Russian President Vladimir Putin. And he added that my compatriots, it turns out, have become servants of dark forces.

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Amosov feels sorry for the Russian soldiers who lost their lives on the train that slipped away from them. They could live a normal life if Russia were a normal country, think. He feels that Kiev will gain freedom in its separation from Moscow.

He wanted to join the Ukrainians in November 2022. He was going to fight for the Russia Freedom Corps, made up of Russians dissatisfied with Putin’s regime. But he did not get an answer. In November 2022, he joins a group of female volunteers in Poland, recruited by non-Russian pro-Ukrainian fighters from the Russian Armed Forces.

Amosov is not a purebred Russian, he is from Yakutsk. He claims that people of his ethnicity have traditionally encountered racism there. Rut the police stop them on the subway and demand their documents. They treated me like a second-class citizen, because they had never met him that way in Ukraine.

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Around the GRU, no one leaves it. So Amosov was naturally skeptical whether he had an honest mind and not a cunning agent. He claims that the Ukrainian secret services wronged him as a result. He said I have gone through many conceivable and unimaginable examinations. There is never an experience day, but I hope to find a way out through my service and my anti-Russian activism.

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Bval Vetern began to feel discontent with his country after being involved in the Aenean diagonal. He graduated from the military academies in prestige and saw state propaganda portraying dozens as bandits. While on the way, he realizes that the Eenes are ordinary people fighting for their freedom.

Root commander let him down. I saw how they were when they hadn’t drunk for ten days. Some people mess everything up. Nkte sold their weapons. Nekti betrayed us and sent us to hell.

Even the dog was mistaken, Amosov was still considered a patriot who was ready to protect his homeland. He was recruited by the GRU, who trained him in the use of mathematical modeling in order to find a weak spot in the country’s economy. According to him, the ultimate goal was to destroy the entire Earth.

Before Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014, he retired from military service. The arrival of the wolves in Ukraine both times was seen as the beginning of the end for Russia. I saw it right away, Amosov concluded.

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