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A year after the epidemic: Thanks to the vaccination, François Legault says he is optimistic

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In an effort to give hope to Quebecers with the mass vaccination that has begun, Prime Minister Francois Legault said Saturday that he had not been very confident in the future for long.

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“It has been a long time since I felt extremely optimistic,” he wrote in a long Facebook message, as we celebrated the first anniversary of the first diagnosed case in Quebec, on February 27, 2020, of a woman who had returned from a trip to Iran.

“The state of mind that led me back into politics by creating the CAQ 10 years ago is helping Quebec win,” Mr. Lego continued. And there, in this long battle against the virus, vaccination is precisely the victory over the epidemic. Win the battle of our lives. “

The Prime Minister is back in the main stages of mass vaccination, that is, targeted customers in the coming weeks who have been vaccinated with a first dose, especially in CHSLDs.

He wrote, “In the past two weeks, we have vaccinated nearly all homes for the elderly.” The vaccine takes about three weeks to fully take effect, so we should also see very positive results around mid-March. Then we vaccinated 200,000 health workers, which puts less pressure on them and the system. “

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Even if there is hope and springtime is upon us, Mr. Legault calls on the Capickers to stay alert and not claim victory too quickly.

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“We still have a few critical weeks ahead, especially due to the Spring Break and new variants, particularly the B117 (the British variant),” he said. I hope Quebecers avoid private gatherings while we vaccinate as many people as possible. “

In addition to talking about the health crisis, Mr. Legault lavished in economic announcements, particularly those of the Telesat Lightspeed satellites, as well as highlighting the exploits of Farah Alipay, this engineer from Juliet, in Lanaudière. , Who takes command of perseverance on Mars.

He also came back to the fact that, following Claude Julian’s sacking Wednesday, he made a joke that he did not want to become a coach of the Montreal Canadiens.

I would rather remain prime minister, a job that makes me proud, and that makes me happy, even when we’re going through a crisis like the one we’ve been through for a year. As coach of Quebec, our team of 8.5 million Quebecers, what I want to instill is pride and the will to win, to be at the forefront, including in the economy. We, the Quebecers, have nothing to worry about. We can win in all areas. Let us be optimistic and proud! “

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