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Cultural treats in French-speaking Ontario

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happy Halloween! In addition to traditional candy harvesting, we offer story collections for young and old. We also celebrate Francophone and Indo-Canadian culture and revisit the work of a great artist.


Discover the wasp on foot and in books

Tour the nickel capital on foot and learn more about its history. Carrefour francophone de Sudbury’s general and cultural director, Stéphane Gauthier leads the visit by drawing on texts that highlight the places. The audience actively participates, reading the passages in the designated places. The visit focuses on “The Cultural Environment of French Canadians in New Ontario”. History still being built, as evidenced by the park’s access point: the construction site of the new Place des Arts du Grand Sudbury.

During a previous literary career. Image source: Moss Zhuyi

Sunday, October 31, from 10 a.m. to noon. Details and inscriptions on Greater Sudbury Center for Community Health website


The conclusion of the AFO . meeting

The Association of the Francophonie of Ontario (AFO) is holding its annual virtual meeting until Saturday, October 30. Many topics affecting French-Ontario vitality are discussed during webinars and networking activities. A musical performance will be presented Friday evening closing the event, which will officially conclude the following day with the AFO’s annual general meeting. The musical will feature Abel Maxwell, Mimi Obonswain and Celeste Levis. We can expect new songs from the latter, because Friday is also the day of her album release. If you want to know everything.

Cover of Celeste Levis’ new album. Image credit: Philippe Larivière – Créaphil

free. Registration is required for AFO Annual Virtual Meeting.

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Discover Indo-Canadian culture

This year’s Dilawi (Festival of Light) Arohafest is holding two virtual sessions, on Saturday October 30th at 4pm and Thursday November 4th at 7pm. It is the only bilingual Indo-Canadian festival. The viewer will be able to learn about the arts and culture of India and its presence in Canada. 25 artists will be present to participate in performances of dance, music and even gastronomy and visual arts. Among them, Ottawa singer Shweta Subram, who was heard in the song bring me babySpread on social networks. This event is organized by the Ottawa Fine Arts Organization Aroha in partnership with the National Arts Center (NAC).

youth show picture From temple to TikTok. Image credit: Jeffrey Dollars

October 30 and November 4. broadcast on Ottawa Aroha Fine Art Social Networking and CNA.

visual arts

Discover a Master

Everyone knows the name Vincent Van Gogh. The Alliance française de Toronto presents discovering his work in two virtual sessions, with speaker Auvilé Delacourt. Through her paintings, she will tell the personal and artistic story of the painter with a tragic fate. The story of Van Gogh will also be placed in its social and historical context. An activity aimed at both French speakers and learners. The Friday session is for people with an intermediate level of French, while the Saturday session will be at an advanced level. When it comes to technical knowledge, people of all levels are invited.

peach blossom Vincent van Gogh (1889)

Friday October 29 at 1 pm and Saturday October 30 at 2 pm. Details and registration Alliance francis de toronto website.

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movie theater

family halloween

The French Alliance in Toronto is also presenting a children’s movie about Halloween. French film Little Vampire It is a cartoon based on the Joann Sfar comic book. Little Vampire begins to find his daily life redundant, after 300 years of playing with the same monster friends. Determined to go to school and meet other kids, Little Vampire will escape from the haunted house and befriend a young human. But his mother warned him… In the world of the living, a young vampire is in grave danger.

Source: Studiocanal

Sunday, October 31 at 2 p.m. at the Spadina Theatre. Details about Alliance francis de toronto website.

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