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Actor Gerard Poirier dies at the age of 91

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(Montreal) Comedian Gerard Poirier died overnight from Saturday to Sunday, his daughter Anne-Marie Pourier confirmed. Journalism.

Mario Gerrard

Mario Gerrard

Jean-Philippe Ingers
Canadian Press

The 91-year-old actor had been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease for several years. Last August, it was transferred to CHSLD Pierre-Joseph Trieste. His condition has worsened over the past few weeks.

Over the more than 60 years of his career, Gérard Poirier has embodied hundreds of characters in theater, television and film. Among the many roles, many will remember the influence of Tancred in Garden of the brave The notary Cyprien Fournier in peace time, an account that took place in rural Quebec between the First and Second World Wars, Pierre Gauvreau.

Actress Marie Teveau worked with him in the series Garden of the brave. “Gerard was a nobleman. […] Playing with him was always a precious moment. M commented.I TiVo, in The Canadian Press.

She remembers a “smart”, “very funny” guy with an “incredibly dead end”. Mr. Pourier had “a very big imprint on an entire generation of actors,” as Mr. Pourier stated.I TiVo who was his inspiration.

Mr. Poirier was born in Montreal in 1930. With a bachelor’s degree in pedagogy from École Normale, he gave up teaching very quickly in 1955. At that time, he founded an amateur theater company, Des Sepele Company, which would feature actress Lucille Papineau.

And it was the latter who would let him into Radio Canada, which he had captured the decision-makers in from his first hearing. Impressed with his style and talent, the directors highly recommended him to all directors.

Archive photo of Radio Canada

Gerard Poirier in Garden of the brave, in 1984

In addition to multiple roles in radio series and TV theaters, he was closely involved in the growth of Théâtre du Rideau vert. He also made his mark at Théâtre du Nouveau Monde and at the company of Jean Duceppe. He went out and signed some of his pieces.

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Gerard Poirier was a man of all time. Playwright Michel Marc Bouchard commented on his Facebook page who worked with the deceased in two plays at TNM, that he was discreet for a few years, his memory will remain indelible, coronation journey And Flood Scrolls.

Coming from the classical stage, he played alongside Jean Ducep, Françoise Foucher, Jacques Godin and Jeanine Soto, where his presence and nature are praised.

Gérard Pourier, who loved theater and the French language, admitted that he had professional difficulties with the appearance of joules on television in the 1970s.

“A strange phenomenon, I was then classified as a French actor and was temporarily excluded from theatrical life. For six or seven years, I did nothing at all on television. I continued to play in the theater, but this is not enough to earn a living.” duty, in 2002.

Mr. Pourier then taught drama for a few years to students of the Conservatory of Music and Dramatic Arts of Quebec, and thanks to these young people, he said, he managed to understand what was happening in Quebec.

Gérard Poirier is one of those actors who had the opportunity to have a long and busy career. Already in 1995, when he had been practicing the profession for four decades, he was aware of his good fortune.

“I discovered the immense pleasure in saying no and accepting only what truly pleases me, now free from all anxiety and only moved by the pleasure of doing this work. This is a great luxury,” he admitted in an interview with Soleil.

He also distinguished himself in cinema, particularly in the skin of the priest Vulbesch in The Bluff By Jill Carle (1981). However, he has often commented that he was not spoiled in this aspect and that he would have liked to play more on the big screen.


Gerard Poirier in the movie Henry

In 2013, Mr. Pourier was still enjoying the Oscar race thanks to the short film HenryWritten by Jan England, he played a man with Alzheimer’s disease.

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Recently, he played the role of Clermont Geoffrion in the series vivid memories And that of Mathias Frischette in the series black dog innBoth are broadcast on Radio Canada.

He also received two Gemini Awards during his career in 1988 for his role in it Garden of the brave And in 2002 for his participation in my best enemy.

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