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Tam Tam \ TBWA And Nissan Canada Campaign launch live work. Borrow the cinematic codes for the action movie, the offensive stages Karen Vanas. spokesperson April He embodies a secret agent on a mission. This new campaign in Quebec is 100% intended to illustrate the exciting driving experience that is unique to it Aprilhighlighting safety and intelligent driving technologies, and the durability and strength of its vehicles.

“The launch of this campaign marks the beginning of our new communication strategy. All our models, from Sentra and Pathfinder to Rogue and KICKS, are designed to evoke strong emotions at every turn,” Nadine GadDirector of Media and Advertising Relations – Quebec Region in Nissan Canada.

Tam Tam \ TBWA And Nissan Canada continue their cooperation with Ivan Gerbovichboss drunk birds. “Evanwho signifies both the production and image direction of the television spot, was able to bring a cinematic approach to it, by setting the action in a grandiose setting and by creating a world worthy of a movie scene that keeps us enthralled,” he explains. Anne Marie LeMayTechnical Director and Creative Leadership Aprilin home Tam Tam \ TBWA.

“After two and a half years of a pandemic marked by restrictions, we think that’s the point live work It will resonate with consumers here. Who wouldn’t want to fully resume their activities and inject a good dose of work into their daily life? Whether you enjoy traveling or setting out to see new landscapes, adventure lovers can count on them April To fill up the adrenaline,” he adds Vicki Harwoodconsulting manager at Tam Tam \ TBWA.

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The campaign has been broadcast on television, radio and the web since May 3. All photographic content for this integrated campaign was produced by shot studio While filming the TV spot.

credits :
Advertiser: Nissan Canada – Nadine Gad, Atif Khan, Alana David Clark
an agency : Tam Tam \ TBWA
creative direction: Manuel Ferrari
Nissan’s Leading Technical and Creative Guidance: Anne Marie LeMay
Design edit: Emily Larroque
board : Jose Canwell, Vicki Harwood, Eve Brent, Tanya Vollim
Agency outputs: Jose Frechette
production house: Children
completion : Ivan Gerbovich
shooting direction: Ivan Gerbovich
Executive production: Aiming at Le-Guennec
Post production: Mills
sound studio: Lamajor (Jean-Michel Blanchett, PO Rioux)
Online print and production manager: Michael Torpedo
Graphic designers: Annie Blanchett, Simone Durevage
Photography : Martin Gerrard, Photography Studio

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