Acute hepatitis in children: a link to COVID?

Cases of acute hepatitis in children are increasing, the cause of its appearance is still unknown.

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Approximately 450 of these identified cases of hepatitis have been reported, mainly in children aged 5 years and under, worldwide.

“This is really very serious liver disease, it’s not hepatitis as we know it, ABCs. It’s something new,” explains pharmacist Diane Lamarie, in her section on Mario Dumont.

If the global figure doesn’t seem too high, the sudden appearance of these cases should call us to be vigilant, and do more research to find out why.

We think it’s hepatitis that can be caused by an adenovirus, and we know that. Usually, adenovirus, will cause diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting. “Jaundice, very dark urine and light stools,” says the health expert.

Rumors have suggested that a vaccine against COVID will be involved, but this is not the case: the population most affected by this liver disease has not been vaccinated.

But here we wonder: Is it an adenovirus that will be a history of COVID? Is it a combination of the two? A joint injury between the two, which would generate liver toxicity? There are a lot of people and experts looking into this to try and determine the real cause,” Ms Lamarie adds.

One thing is for sure, basic hygiene measures, such as simple hand washing, must be put in place to prevent the spread of all viruses.

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Watch Diane Lamarre’s full column in the video above.

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