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Adam Through Time: The 441-square-meter home of the Netflix hit movie home is located in Canada and sold for $4 million

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The movie was released on Netflix on March 11th Adam through time Directed by Shawn Levy (Director .) Weird things) is a crushing blow. During its first weekend on Netflix, it already had 92.4 million hours of viewing and entered the top three of Netflix’s best production debuts, coming right behind red notice And the do not search. In this sci-fi thriller, Ryan Reynolds and Jennifer Garner respond to Walker Scoble, who debuted in cinema, and Mark Ruffalo. The plot follows Adam’s journey into the past during which he met his 12-year-old self.

Besides the captivating plot, the retro vibe of the movie attracted a lot of it. The decor has something to do with it and the house that serves as the setting for the plot has been the subject of a long process: the director asked production designer Claude Barry to create “the house you dream of living in.” If the entire interior of the house is created in the studio, then the exterior is very real.

As for the exterior shots of the Reed family home, it is indeed a real private house that served as a model and its facade was partially modified for filming. According to the interactive map of the site Netflix in your areaThe charming community of Lynn Valley, in North Vancouver (in Canada, editor’s note), is where the exterior of the Adam family home was filmed. More precisely located at 590 E. Kings Road, the house is surrounded by a large garden separated by a stone path.

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