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Advocates for more public transport in Windsor

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Since last summer, some of them have gathered within the organization Active Transit Windsor Essex.

Made up primarily of young people, the organization campaigns to improve the public transport system in Windsor-Essex, according to Julian Villafuerte, one of the founding members.

There are not many public transport services in the area, but in our opinion there is a need to provide more freedom of movement. It is really something that contributes greatly to the quality of life and the opportunities that people may be able to access., he explains.

Windsor is the only city in Canada that has completely abolished public transportation [lors de la pandémie]The only city of this size or more.

Quote from:Julian Villafuerte, Transit Windsor Essex active membrane.

Windsor has a long way to go when it comes to public transportation.

According to company data Dillon ConsultingSelected by the city in 2018 for an assessment of its transit system, Windsor is the mid-sized Canadian city with the lowest rate, per capita, of transit operating hours.

Mr Villafuerte-Diaz believes that more investment is needed in public transport to make it attractive.

Image source: Julian Villafuerte-Diaz

It comes behind cities like Regina, Saskatoon, Kingston, Guelph and London.

Increasing request

Mr Villafuerte believes that residents of Windsor are increasingly aware of climate issues and therefore the importance of reducing the use of personal vehicles.

The organization he belongs to is currently conducting a survey inside the buses of the Windsor Transportation Company, with the aim of obtaining arguments for asking the city to invest more in public transportation.

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With [les résultats du sondage] We can clearly define people’s priorities. […] Because often when this kind of topic appears in the board [municipal] In our opinion, there is no such sound […] In support of investments in public transport, He says.

Windsor is beginning to attract more and more people who are coming from other parts of Canada or even internationally who expect to have the option of traveling by public transportation. So the demand, I think, is growing.

Quote from:Julian Villafuerte, MemberActive Transit Windsor Essex

Mr Villafuerte believes that an increased supply of public transportation will allow more people, especially young people, to settle in the city.

This app [de plus de transport en commun] It is mainly growing due to students moving to Windsor. […] They usually rely on public transportation which is a really good opportunity, Determines.

Suite 9 consultant Kieran McKenzie agrees. He thinks in particular of the students of St Clair’s College in Windsor.

If someone might live in Riverside or perhaps in Forest Glacier […] Previously in the system, before we added the new road, it took over two hours to get to the city’s east district. We can get to London faster, He says.

There are other people, you might say, natural customers, but they did not use the service, not because they wanted to be in a private car, but because the service was not enough for them to satisfy their needs.

Quote from:Amber 9 Board Member Kieran McKenzie

Mr. McKenzie believes that the need for a larger and more efficient transit system makes sense not only from an environmental perspective, but also from an economic point of view.

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One of the real issues in society for employers is that there are employees who don’t have access to work and a good public transportation system is very important., he explains.

picture of a man.  He wears a beard and a shirt

Kieran McKenzie believes that Windsor is not just a motor city. (Archives)

Photo: Radio Canada/Colin Cote Polit

While he says he wholeheartedly agrees to all of Active Transit Windsor Essex’s requests, Kieran McKenzie adds that the city is aware of the needs and has already begun making efforts.

We modified the roads [trajets d’autobus] To reflect the demands of society. We must also add capabilities. We need a new bus garage. We should add buses too, it’s going to take a lot of money, that’s right, but we have a vision to add over $150 million over the next 10 years to improve the public transportation system., He says.

Mr. Villafuerte stresses that it is necessary to put more money into public transport if we are to make it more attractive, because, in his opinion, the fact that there is not enough investment means that the service produced is not of sufficient quality to offer an attractive transport option.

Kieran McKenzie who says he’s ready to work with him Active Transit Windsor Essex Windsor says they want a high-quality public transportation system, although we tend to think of Windsor as the motor city.

I know there is a perception in the community that Windsor is a motor city. […] But if we only look at the numbers and the answers we got during consultations with people we know would use a system if the system was built to meet their needs, we know it will work., he explains.

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