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Canadian Diplomatic Trio (Minister)

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AA / Montreal / Hatem Katto

Melanie Jolie, Canada’s new foreign minister, stressed that fighting climate change, defending democratic values, and opposing protectionism, as the tripartite diplomacy of Ottawa during the coming period.
This emerged from an interview that the appointed minister gave on October 26th to the local newspaper, La Presse.
The minister noted that although “the United States is our greatest ally with whom we share many priorities, especially with regard to climate change and democracy promotion, at the same time we have concerns at the level of international trade,” referring to the re-emergence of protectionism in Southern neighbor.
The “Buy American” clause, the transnational Enbridge pipeline threatened with closure by the US state of Michigan, the timber dispute and incentives to buy electric cars are all points. Trade and economic obstacles between the two American giants that share nearly nine thousand kilometers of land borders (the longest in the world) and are associated with a large volume of trade.
“I will certainly defend Canadian interests and raise this issue with Mr. Blinken,” the US Secretary of State added in this interview.
“There is a gradual return to diplomacy face to face, and therefore in person. This will help me develop ties.”
Along the same lines, the forty-year-old minister stressed that “the tectonic plates are currently moving in the world and we must take this into account for our economic interests. But we must also make sure that our values ​​are defended.”
On the other hand, the minister noted that “21st century diplomacy must also take into account digital. People are online. We have to think about this when we think about the stability of our democracies.”
The minister, who during her first week since taking office, met with two former portfolio holders, Marc Garneau and François-Philippe Champagne, rejected her style of business.
I would not hesitate to seek the advice of former Secretaries of State Joe Clark, Beren Beatty and Lloyd Axworthy. My plan is to talk to a lot of people,” she said.
“I learn a lot from people’s experiences. Beyond party affiliations, when we leave the country, we all unite as Canadians.

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