Afghan refugees arrive in Sherbrooke on September 7

Since August 29, Canada has evacuated more than 3,700 people from Afghanistan, of whom 3,000 have arrived on Canadian soil, according to figures released Friday by Justin Trudeau’s government. Sherbrooke is one of the six Quebec municipalities that will receive the first groups of refugees.

The Sank He will provide them with temporary housing first. The organization has housing in its premises, and some people will be housed in an apartment rented by Sank, while others will be accommodated in a hotel.

Below is an example of rooms in which Afghan refugees will be temporarily housed.

Photo: Radio Canada / Yannick Cornuer

Later , Sank It will support newcomers in their search for housing and employment and in enrolling in franchising courses.

The first thing is to reassure them when they get here, confirms the general manager of SankMercedes Oriana. Make them feel safe. They moved out precisely because they no longer felt safe in their own country.

[Les priorités sont] To have them meet people from the community who are here. To find out what it is like to winter in Quebec, the health system, the education system, and housing as well.

Quote from:Mercedes Oriana, Executive Director of the Assistance Service for New Canadians

Canada hopes to receive 20,000 Afghan refugees in the coming months. Ottawa says it uses All means available to him To assist Canadian citizens, permanent residents and their families, as well as vulnerable Afghan nationals – eligible under special immigration measures – to leave Afghanistan and come to Canada.

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Currently, Canada estimates that 470 Canadian citizens, 260 permanent residents, and 500 family members remain stranded in Afghanistan.

With information from Marie Helen Russo

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