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After Fiona, here comes Ian: Expect another big hurricane

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While eastern Quebec and the Maritimes are still recovering from the devastating effects of the Fiona Pass, another tropical system has formed not far from the Caribbean.

What we know

Ian, this ninth system in the Atlantic basin, is currently a tropical storm with a minimum central pressure of 1,003 MPa. For now, it follows a northeasterly course, which allows it to gain intensity thanks to the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

The island of Cuba should be the first to suffer its repercussions. Large amounts of rain are expected in some of its sectors, as well as strong winds at the beginning of the week. After that, Ian is expected to arrive in Keys, Florida, about midweek.

On track to become a major hurricane

However, between the time of leaving Cuba and reaching the North American continent, the system was supposed to thicken enough to be considered a major hurricane.

IAN3 path

Doubts remain as to whether it will maintain that same strength when it hits Florida. But the National Hurricane Center still issued a warning about its arrival and urged residents of the Sunshine state to prepare.


late arrival

Statistically, the tropical season reaches its peak around September 10 in the Atlantic basin. Moreover, on average, the first major hurricane appears on the 1st of September.

IAN5 season average

But right now, there are three burgeoning storms, Gaston, Hermine and Ian – which will become the second largest hurricane – as well as the remnants of Fiona. Moreover, depression can also be observed on the radars. If it gains strength, it may become the tenth order named: Julia. So autumn will not be under the sign of calm for the Atlantic basin …

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In collaboration with meteorologist Kevin Cloutier

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