After the Hawaiian pizza, here’s the pineapple raclette!

Hawaiian pizza, since its invention in Canada, has sparked controversy among foodies around the world. In France, an influencer launched a new style, and at the same time a new debate, by offering netizens to concoct a pineapple raclette!

The person with the name imperatricewu on Instagram stirred up feelings in December when she introduced her pineapple raclette recipe, and admitted she’s a fan of Hawaiian pizza.

It emphasizes in particular that the freshness of pineapple parallels the fat of the raclette.

His publication provoked various reactions among Internet users, ranging from approval to disgust. Some have described the influencer as a “heretic at stake,” while others may want to try it.

Ouest-France has interviewed several gastronomical professionals among whom are also very different opinions.

CĂ©line Pignol, Director of the Professional Association of Protected Geographical Indications (IGP for Tomme, Emmental and Savoy Raclette cheeses), is open to tasting this recipe, but intends to continue eating the raclette the traditional way.

But the director of Fromagerie des 5 in Paris does not agree.

“No, I wouldn’t recommend it,” she told West France newspaper.

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