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AGRIWEB.TV: Launch of the “science agriweb” series | New Aquitaine

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Maria Gill
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In the space of triplicate, has become a permanent medium, regularly enriched with content related to food, water, animal care, biodiversity, climate change, renewable energies, training, education, land, innovation and installation and pioneered by events: Aquitanima and Equitaine.

Three months before the 2022 edition (May 21-29, as part of the Bordeaux International Fair), is launching a new topic called “Science Agriweb”.

“Science Agriweb starts from the thinking that was made with the leaders of SANA: Agriculture is increasingly facing challenges that have become societal and that must emerge from a debate among professionals in order to be able to provide answers to the general public who ask questions … for example about climate change, diversity Biological, reduced inputs, changing practices and agro-ecological transformation…sometimes very general and very simple questions, which may require answers that call for specialists, in particular for scientific clarification.Since INRAe has researchers able to speak on these various issues, we decided to use passages Short video to highlight the public debate.Olivier Laviale, President of INRAe Nouvelle-Aquitaine

The first low-carbon topic: Who stores carbon? Who refuses more?

The first issue of Science Agriweb, dedicated to low carbon, covers Sylvain Pellerin, Director of Research at INRAe. It works on the relationship between agricultural activity and climate change, and goes back to the impact of agriculture on the environment, and farms that store carbon, that reject more …

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