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star academy | Thanks to Footloose, Jérémy . survived

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The teachers, who have been trying to break Jeremy Blunt since the beginning of the school year in Waterloo, fail once again in their attempt to expel this rebellious student. For the second time, viewers saved 25-year-old Levisian from disqualification, on Sunday evening, during a concert star Academy With accents of “pop art”.

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On stage at crowded Mills Studios, Jeremy Blunt, who wore a look à la fatChoose the attractive song freestyle by Kenny Loggins. And like Ren McCormack (Kevin Bacon) in an abandoned warehouse in Beaumont, Utah, he danced for the vote. All that was missing was the blessing of Ariel, Willard, Rusty, and Reverend Shaw.

Was Jeremy’s performance unusual? no. But, finally, the TVA Academy does not choose a sad, whimsical or gloomy song.

The audience rewarded Jeremy Plante with enthusiasm and perseverance. Watch out for big head syndrome. This is what awaits Jeremy.

All week teachers reminded Sandrine Hiebert, 25, of Coaticook, that she had always been singing into tone, and that she had to correct her intonation issues. Unsurprisingly, Sandrine was removed after a totally dishonest re-read It’s zeroa huge success for Julie Maas written by Manuel Tadros, father of Xavier Dolan.

Photo from the STAR ACADEMIE Facebook page

Sandrine Hebert

So the faculty shielded Marielle Dorion, 27, of Sherbrooke, a far more creative and creative artist than Sandrine. his interpretation of I loved you, I love you and I will love youBy Frances Cabriel, She Was So Beautiful.

Photo from the STAR ACADEMIE Facebook page

Marielle Dorion

Surprisingly, the DIY number with Belgian pop star Angèle, 26, wasn’t the most glamorous of the evening. day started Let’s forget everything With tight shots in a Citroen, bordered by claustrophobia. Academics had difficulty registering the Belgian singer. Even the best of the group, Audrey Luiz, was not the best.

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At the end of this 2-hour and 5-minute party, Ingrid St-Pierre was the most poignant, simply and sweetly. Jewelers (with Oliver) and twine (with Audrey Louise and Julian) They caused shivering in the living rooms. And what a eloquence in an interview with host Mark Dupree.

A very sweet tribute to Rene Martel with Paul Darracci, Isabelle Boulay, Annie Blanchard and Guillaume Lafond. Once again, Audrey Louise popped I’m going to LondonJust like Kristel and Edward A love that does not want to die.

Six days after the final resignation of Danny Beder, La Chicane debuted with a portfolio of songs like I miss you And the Golgotha (Perfect for Oliver). Boom Desjardins, still in his voice, took the opportunity to declare Jean-Marc Couture, champion star academy 2012He joined the Apetibe band as a guitarist.

It was also a big evening for former academics with the return of Annie Blanchard (2005), Jean-Marc Couture (2012) and Guillaume Lafond (2021).

Many of you complain about the clothes that academics wear. not me. It’s a good idea to be bold and to avoid overly classic black clothes. On Sunday evening, we had the impression that we were browsing a comic book in the colors of vitamins. A mix of influences from the ’90s andarchery.

Leo Weathervan

Follow Éléonore Lagacé’s tricks Celebrity Big Brother It was more difficult than understanding the thick plot of the series love countryAnd the Westworld where watch men on HBO. It’s Laysan coming out, no, Stephanie coming out, no, it’s Eddie coming out!

Screen captured from a video on NOOVO.CA

Eleanor Lagas

The director of Disco Week never found her rhythm and pushed false notes in her home studio. Big disappointment. Imitating the (questionable) strategy of comedian Michel DeRochers, Éléonore dit Léo has forged alliances with everything on hand, including the Hello Fresh burger garnished with halloumi cheese.

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We totally lost Leo in his smoky mountain of lies. Seconds before Sunday night’s elimination vote, which sent comedian Eddie King home, who really understood where the ax would fall? Even cyclist Hugo Barrett was speechless. Good to say.

Screen captured from a video on NOOVO.CA

Eddie King

As a member of any dominant alliance, the quiet Eddy King was sacrificed. Honestly, Eddie hasn’t played as hard as his buddies and won only one challenge in two months. Too little, too late. Tranna Wintour never wins either, except when Lysanne Richard gives her her music chair, but unlike Eddie, she’s involved in the backstage dealings.

Two alliances will compete in the coming days: the Marie-May Alliance, which brings together the five women (Claudia, Leo, Stephanie, Trana and Lysanne), as well as the Group of Five, which includes Martin, Hugo, Claudia and Liu. and Stephanie. Hence the importance of electing the next president who will decide unanimously as in a true jury.

If Trana Wintour moved into the landlady’s room, she would target Hugo and Martin, her enemy from day one. If Martin Vachon wins for the jury, he will try to eliminate Tranna or Lysanne. The game thickens like a big California wine, folks.

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