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Alain Côté is dealing with Lightning and thinks it will end tonight

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Virginia Whitehead
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Alain Côté is a man more famous and appreciated in Quebec than in Montreal.

The goal he scored for the Nordic in 1987, but who are the officials who turned down, should he have been good? Almost 35 years later, we still find people telling us that this goal should have been given…

but my ” But “ Not discussing that sense this morning. Really not even…

Note, however, that Alain Côté has not made more friends in the Montreal area in the past few hours.

Become the former North fan Lightning as we age. And he’s part of the 13% of Quebecers who don’t Takes Not for Canadians at the moment. He thinks the Stanley Cup will come out of it Issue Tonight. Here’s what he told the folks at TVA Sports.

You should know that Alan’s son, Jean-Philippe, is Lightning’s Director of Development.

Alan was at the Bell Center Monday night, hoping to see Lightning lift his precious trophy. back to Quebec Disappointed.

Does Alain Cote smile when we have tears in our eyes? Most likely yes. Statistical models are on the Lightning side great moment Currently. Book ratings too…

Are you going to be around 11:00 PM tonight? we will see.

Note that Cottier indicated that he had no hatred for the Montreal Canadiens.

“I followed the Canadian path during qualifying and that’s very good for Quebec. It’s refreshing and people need it […]All we want as parents is to see our son with his second Stanley Cup, even if that would piss off many. “- Alan Cote

a lot of

The Canadian finds himself (again) at the foot of the wall. # ordeal

We will long remember this elimination round in Montreal.

Quebec and Saint John are vying to host the Anniversary Cup next year.

It’s not easy being a Montreal FC player at the moment.

– A special context for the holding of the Olympic Games, you will agree. However, the 50% Stanley Cup Final is being held in a county where the state of emergency is currently declared and is going relatively well.

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