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Alan Reese thinks Canada can elect its ‘own’ Donald Trump

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The new leader of the Conservative Party, Pierre Poilifri, is not the Prime Minister of Canada. At least not at the moment. If it becomes, Alan Reese fears the worst for the country.

The person who became an independent on Tuesday after closing the door to a Conservative Party in which he no longer defines himself, has no hesitation in comparing Mr.

In fact, Mr. Reese has seen similarities between these two men for some time now.

A few months ago, he was at Laval University for a debate with some political science professors.

When the latter made it clear that Canada is immune to Trump’s policy, Mr. Reese politely corrected the situation.

“I’ve been in Ottawa for seven years, and if you think we’re immune, you think like all those who thought Donald Trump would never become president of the United States. [avant le déclenchement des élections américaines en 2017] said during the discussion.

Crush those who don’t think like him

Donald Trump has never hesitated to intimidate those who get in his way and at this point, it appears that Pierre Poilifri is cut from the same mold.

As you know Alan Reese at his expense.

Last Wednesday, governors sent automated messages to members of the Richmond-Arthabasca Ride. In this letter, they are encouraged to push him to resign his position as MP after he has turned his back on the Conservative Party.

According to the MP, this tactic had two purposes. First, it made him stagger and leave the world of politics. The second: Teach other deputies a lesson by intimidating them to ensure that they “return to the ranks with their tails between their legs.”

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A way to do that Mr. Reese no longer wants to endorse.

“It’s Donald Trump’s tactic: There are good guys and bad guys,” he compares Reese. If you’re not by his side, he won’t just ignore you […] He will crush you. »

Earlier this week, the Conservative Party leader attacked the media and demanded funding.

We cannot rely on the media to get our messages across to Canadians. We must circumvent it and its biased coverage. We have to do it directly with ads, letters, phone calls and knock on millions of doors. To do all this, we need your help,” he wrote in a letter to his party.

Another tactic reminiscent of the gestures of the person who was in the White House from 2017 to 2020.

“He’s a libertarian. This means that for him he has complete freedom to say whatever he wants even if it’s a liar. It’s like Donald Trump,” says Mr. Reese.

The latter also added that Pierre Poelivry had never presented his position on the environment during the six months of the driving race.

Like a billionaire, the environment doesn’t seem to be a priority for everyone trying to replace Justin Trudeau.

More popular than ever

During his interview with monvicto.coAD, the Richmond-Arthabasca member is back in the winds of change that have hit the Conservative Party over the past few months.

According to him, when the former leader, Erin O’Toole, wanted to refocus the party, the train began to derail.

“There was a coup against it and it came from the same people who later pushed Pierre Bouliever. And it was prepared for a long time, says Alain Reis.

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To this, we must add that during the leadership race to succeed Erin O’Toole, Pierre Poilifri succeeded in registering 312,000 new members.

According to Alan Reese, these new members “come from the Freedom Caravan who believe neither in health measures nor in vaccines and the systems of our democratic institutions.”

What can Canadians fear if Pierre Poilifri becomes Canada’s prime minister one day?

To this question, Alan Reese didn’t have to think long to answer.

He concludes, “They may fear that our democratic institutions are in danger as well as that of respect for law and order.”

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