Alberta partially delays controversial curriculum reform

The controversial reform of the social science program, but also those of the natural sciences, fine arts, French as a first language and immersion programs has been postponed.

We have heard valuable feedback from parents, education stakeholders, educators, and Albertans, and are making significant changes to program content and implementation to reflect this., Education Minister Adriana Lagrange explains in a press release.

A new advisory committee will be formed in early 2022. It will have to submit a final version of the math, English, and physical education curriculum in the spring.

Reform of these three subjects should be taught in all Alberta elementary schools beginning in the fall, as planned.

Drafts of new syllabuses for the remaining subjects will also be released in the spring.

The advisory committee will need to explore ways to pilot it in the fall of 2022.

However, the government has yet to determine with certainty when the final versions of these programs will be implemented.

He also did not reveal who will sit on the new committee.

Criticism of school reform

The New Democratic government led by Rachel Notley initiated the first reform of the elementary school curriculum, but conservatives put the brakes on when they came to power, believing it to be tainted by political ideology.

Thus, Jason Kenney’s government restarted the process from the beginning. But the draft curricula published since then have attracted much criticism.

Included dinosaurs and climate change

The Department of Education also released its latest drafts of its programs, including changes made in response to comments received.

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The science program will now include sections on dinosaurs, their history, and the fossils found in Alberta.

Information on climate change has also been added.

In the humanities programme, some subjects, such as the Silk Road, will be taught later than expected in the first draft.

More information to come…

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