Alès: With the Printemps des enfants, the flag creates a festive atmosphere

The third edition will be held on Wednesday, March 16, and this weekend at the Cultural Center.

Present the smallest event to celebrate, while enjoying the return of sunny days. The municipality of Alice, in 2018, started the return of the Printemps des enfants this week, after two years empty due to the Covid-19 epidemic, “Two years of forced interruption”.

For this third composition, the site chosen remains the cultural and scientific center of the city of Rochelle. “For this recovery, we wanted it to take place in a festive atmosphere, for young and old alike.insists Sylvie Moreno, director of the pole. Especially since, this year, this family event really coincides with the arrival of spring, because everything revolves around March 20.

It also coincides with the International Day of Happiness. “It’s a winkshe completes. Because after the pandemic we’ve been through, we really need him…” Concretely, the animation will take place primarily on Saturday and Sunday, but will also start on Wednesday.


Expected entertainment this weekend

On this first day of opening, there’s the Sherlock Holmes exhibit (Introduction to the Science of a Time Period), the Carbon Path (In the Footsteps of Coal), The Discovery of Astronomy, and an on-point workshop.

Then, this weekend, about fifteen activities are expected: computer-aided puppet show, musical theatrical tales, pony rides, introducing animals in the aquarium, sports challenges with the Municipal Sports Office (OMS), electric quad circuit, educational farm, and experiments Electronic with Eurék’Alès, Awareness of Astronomy with Étoile cévenole, Artistic Creativity Workshop, etc.“We will present science and culture in a fun way, to interest and introduce children, from the age of 3 Sylvie Moreno smiles.

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We want to prove that science isn’t boring. And such an event can elicit invitations…”

: Free. Open on March 16, 19 and 20, from 2 pm to 6 pm. In case of rain, outdoor activities will be conducted indoors. Information on 04 66 56 42 30 and on the website

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