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Aleuka Schneider has appeared in Greek Salad, a spin-off series from The Spanish Inn

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French-Kibbean actor Aliucha Schneider, younger brother of Niels Schneider, will play Romain Doris, Cecile de France and Kelly Reilly in Greek salada series derived from Cedric Clapish’s film trilogy, which began in 2002 with spanish hostel.

after spanish hostel (2002), russian dolls (2005) and Chinese puzzle (2013), French director Cedric Clapeche will bring the trilogy characters from the big screen to the small screen with Greek salada series that will be released soon on Amazon Prime Video.

Romain Doris, Kelly Reilly, Cecile de France, Kevin Bishop and Barnaby Michorat will reprise their roles as Xavier, Wendy, Isabelle, William and Tobias.

From Barcelona to Athens

Greek salad It will follow the story of Tom and Mia, sons of Xavier and Wendy, who will meet in Athens To share an apartment with people from all over Europe. However, their experience will be a far cry from the carefree experience their parents had in Barcelona in the early 2000s.Amazon detailed in a press release.

Tom will play Aliocha Schneider, who splits his career between acting and music, while Mia will be played by French actress Megan Northam.

S scenario.Greek saladwhich still does not have a release date, are signed by Cédric Klapisch and Agnès Hurstel.

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