Samuel Montembolt’s entourage was shocked

The fact that no Canadian player came to the defense of Samuel Montembolt, after Zac Cassian’s strike, angered many in the goalkeeper’s entourage.

That’s what his agent Paul Corbel said during an interview with Jean-Charles Lagoy on Tuesday.

“Like everyone else, I was a little angry. As Dominique Ducharme said, I would have liked to see the five reds in the corner to defend Sam, but it didn’t happen like that during the match. I worked with André Dupont for over 20 years. When he saw That made sure he didn’t pass. Whether you’re an agent, or Samuel’s parents or a fan, I think everyone is in shock.

However, Corbel believes that his client will emerge stronger from the ordeal and that he is taking his place in Montreal.

“Sam is strong and still very happy to be with the Montreal Canadiens. It has not been an easy year, but he has proven some great things. The more he uses, the more he really is worth. Without a doubt, he has his place in the National League.

The agent also says he is very happy to see several colleagues have job opportunities with coaching from the Pittman circuit.

“It’s good to see Kent Hughes and Emily Castongway taking positions in the NHL. I think when you’re in the NHL, around the table, it takes on different faces and different kinds of characters. Agents, we’re in a great relationship with the player. Kent Hughes has been a very good agent. He’s a very good agent. Smart and insightful person.It is good to see agents and this opens the door for other organizations as well.

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Regarding some rumors that Korbel was considered a candidate for the position of general manager of Canadians, the main interested party was not enthusiastic about it.

“I took it with a grain of salt. It sure is an acknowledgment of the environment. I think I still do a good job.”

Watch the interview in the video above.

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