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Alex Galchenyuk will have to move (again)

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last week, We learned that Alex Galchenyuk received an invitation to the Colorado Avalanche camp. So the former Canadian had a chance to continue his NHL career, having moved around a lot in recent seasons.

For context… Since 2018, Chucky has been to Arizona, Pittsburgh, Minnesota, Ottawa, Toronto and Arizona (again), where he played last year.

Note that he also ended up in Carolina, by the way, but he never played games with Hurricanes. Not to mention his time in the American Hockey League in Toronto.

The American got a chance to prove what he could do during a preparatory match for the Avalanche season, as his coach used it for about 17 minutes.

However, he wouldn’t have done enough to merit continuing the trial in Colorado, so the team cut him short earlier today.

In the end, he was one of the first players cut by the team, just eight days after signing his professional trial contract:

I find it really unfortunate. I’ve really seen him go through the avalanche slate and thought he could have played a good part in the third line, but that obviously wouldn’t be the case.

What awaits him next? There is a question.

At 28, the chances of playing in the NHL will begin to dwindle. It wouldn’t be surprising if a club offered him another try, and if so… he would have to find a way to make himself indispensable to that club. He is capable of that with all the talents he possesses.

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However, Europe can always be an option a player is considering.

And if the Canadian decides on it…ah, don’t bother. Let’s not get into that day.

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