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Technology to sync smartphone and PC

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With its Unison technology, Intel wants to simplify data synchronization between smartphone (Android or iPhone) and PC. Enough to facilitate exchanges between devices in the event that promises are fulfilled…

For years, IT players have been looking to simplify the communication between phones and computers, so as to make data transfers between the two environments more convenient. Microsoft So he tried to combine genres with its Connected Mobile app – formerly known as Your Phone – to make it easier to connect between a Windows 10 or 11 PC and a phone robot. Other manufacturers such as Dell, Samsung, Asus or Huawei have followed this example, each limited to their own products. So far, Apple has proven to be the most effective with the very simple connection between them Iphone and its Macs, a collaboration facilitated by the full mastery of the two environments, both at the hardware level as well as at the software level – the famous closed ecosystem of the apple model …

Today, it is another giant’s turn to tackle the problem head on. In the midst of many announcements – its official presentation 13e A generation of core processors, the introduction of the first graphics cards to compete with Nvidia and AMDDemonstration of a prototype computer with an extendable screen made by Samsung – the American giant has made a surprise unveiling A technique called Unison Which promises to synchronize an Android smartphone or iPhone with a computer, thanks to which a mobile application and software will provide fairly advanced functionality.

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Intel Unison: Sync reserved for Intel Evo computers

To allow syncing between devices, the manufacturer will rely on technology from Screenovate, the computer sync software company the company acquired last year. Intel Corporation The Unison app will allow, thanks to such connectivity means as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), to transfer files between your smartphone and PC – the base. For example, you can take a picture with your laptop and edit it the next moment on your computer, but you can also use your keyboard to edit documents. On the PC, we will also be able to make and receive calls and short message – With the full list of contacts on his phone – as well as receiving notifications from the smartphone. Other functions may be added later.

Intel will begin to launch Intel union On Certain Intel Evo Certified PCs – A label distributed to laptops that meet exact specifications and deliver high performance – from Acer, HP, Lenovo Equipped with an Intel Core 12 . processore generation at the end of the year. The application should then be extended at the beginning of 2023 to new Intel Evo-certified computers equipped with the popular 13e generation. Nothing says at the moment whether Unison will also be ported to other hardware platforms, and in particular to computers based on AMD processors: the compatibility that is nonetheless necessary to make this promising technology as universal as it is, as in . Apple’s solution to its products…

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