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The number of dengue fever cases is on the rise

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Two separate outbreaks were detected in the province, one in Saint-Laurent-du-Var and the other in the municipalities of Saint-Jeanette, Gatier and La Gaude.

a growing number. As of September 26, 57 authentic cases of dengue have been identified in mainland France according to the Data from Public Health France. Of these, 32 are in the Alpine Maritimes, spread over four municipalities in the arrondissement.

The first outbreak was recorded in several neighboring municipalities: Saint-Jeanne (20 cases), Gatier (11 cases) and La Gaude (one case). The department’s second outbreak was in Saint-Laurent-du-Var, where eight cases were identified.

‘Ongoing’ outbreaks

For the two outbreaks, Public Health France specifies that they are “in progress and other cases likely to be identified” but also “distinguished by viruses of different serotypes”.

“For each of the identified cases or outbreaks, epidemiological or ongoing investigations have been carried out in order to identify other possible cases and accurately determine the area of ​​transmission,” the health authorities explained.

Dengue fever is an infectious disease transmitted by the tiger mosquito, and its surveillance is enhanced every year from May to November. In 2022, the number of cases exploded in the French capital, with the number of cases reaching 47 on September 20, a number that was never reached. The previous record was 14 cases in 2020.

The marine Alps have been particularly affected by this increase, which was previously saved, which is explained by the increase in the number of tiger mosquitoes, the resumption of travel and even climate change.

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