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Alice and the Mayor: The Excellent Tale of a Politician and Philosopher

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« I get the impression that politics makes me stupid »- Alice

He’s the mayor of Lyon, but he no longer has any new ideas in mind. Running out of fuel. She is a young Oxford graduate philosopher, and the dialogue that will take place between them will have unexpected results.

Politics and philosophy, experience and youth, concrete and ideas, masculine and feminine: around this a thin and pre-surprising framework, it is a whole web of contradictions and complementarities thatAlice and the mayor Explore with energy and intelligence.

after The big game, who swam more openly in the waters of the thriller, Nicolas Parisier found the political arena, but this time under much more human influence. Because with as great a sense of nature as focusing his attention on these two characters, the film paints a picture full of irony of the small town world, not far from the madness of Asterix!

Alice and the Mayor, by Nicola Pariser Photo: MK2 Mile-End

Standards and procedures respected to the point of absurdity, positions deleted and reformulated in a hurry, administrative language close to nonsense: we understand the mayor’s fatigue. You can even feel it. But instead of loading the mule,

Alice and the mayor He chooses a film path of solutions, charming and edgy, in which every discussion engages those who watch a tremendous stimulus.

What is the policy? How do you maintain perfection? Can we be progressive? Does the intellectual prevent a concrete relationship with the world? What is progress? How do you react to climate change? The questions are vast, but approached from a realistic and tangible point of view, in a lively theatrical presentation that makes ideas sway and prevents the film from stagnating in limbo, directing it more toward the outlines of a committed film, which is equally clever.

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Knowing how to marry the two is in itself a rare feat. Furthermore it, Alice and the mayor He has this sweet idea of ​​reversing roles by directing the dainty Anse Demoustier to embody intangible ideas and hope (usually, in political movies, men are the ones who think, and we can’t thank that little movie cute enough to set a record straight), and Fabrice Luchini to take charge About action, tangible and tangible.

Brilliant without being crushed, fine without being elitist, spinning without getting dizzy, biting without being sarcastic: Alice and the mayor It is simply a very impressive achievement.

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