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Between science fiction and intimate drama, the series “Invasion” offered another vision of an alien attack. The show will be presented on Apple TV +, and the second season will continue.

Attention, this article reminds of the end of the first season. Preferably you have watched the entire series to continue reading.

Released at the end of October on Apple TV+, the series Invasion tells of an alien attack in the most realistic way possible, focusing more on humans than aliens. Consisting of 9 episodes, the show attracted enough viewers to afford the second season. He’s the third novelist to be renewed on the platform side, following the third season of Truth Be Told and season 2 of Inception.

I am so grateful to Apple for being such a real support throughout this adventure and for trusting us in this human and emotional story of conquest.Creator and screenwriter Simon Kinberg says: I can’t wait to continue the plans we have for Season 2, which will expand our world in the most intimate and epic way.. “

At the end of the first season, young Gabriel (Billy Barratt) manages to control the aliens with his mind with the goal of stopping them. Exhausted, the schoolboy collapses to the ground before the eyes of Ward (Shamir Anderson) who tries to revive him, to no avail.

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The boy is still alive, but his consciousness seems to be trapped somewhere as he tries to contact aliens. If Gabriel’s strength made it possible for humanity to win its first battle, the others seemed to be fermenting.

As of now, an official release date for season two has not been announced.

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