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Allen vs. Farrow, Woody Allen’s documentary on the riverside

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River Documentary Allen v. FarrowAired by HBO on Sunday, American filmmaker Woody Allen is found guilty of being involved in a series of testimonies regarding the alleged assault on his adopted daughter Dylan.

Even if it doesn’t contain any overtones, this documentary series, which features four one-hour episodes and will air in March on OCS in France, should deal a fatal blow to the filmmaker’s reputation in New York.

Filmmakers Kirby Dick and Amy Zering, famous documentary filmmakers, give here a presentation on the investigation, with testimonials and supporting documents, some of which are unpublished, but which go much further.

Dylan Farrow accused Woody Allen of sexually assaulting her in August 1992 when she was seven years old, something the director has always denied.

In the documentary, the alleged sexual assault of Dylan has been linked to Woody Allen’s relationship with the adopted daughter of Mia Farrow, soon-to-be Ye Braveen, who becomes his wife, but is generally an Oscar-winning manager for Young Girls.

The documents and testimonials especially indicate that the director and screenwriter had sexual relations with Soon-Yi long before he came of age.

For these annoying elements, Allen v. Farrow Woody Allen’s supposed tendency to manipulate, particularly the press, superimposed to reduce the scale of the accusations and discredit Mia Farrow.

The film goes so far as to suggest that it may have derailed the two official investigations into the case, neither of which led to a trial.

“It talks about a system”

In general, the documentary denounces the pre-MeToo culture of male domination, which has allowed many men the ability to abuse their position with impunity, sometimes at the sight of part of their professional environment.

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In addition, Allen v. Farrow It will have particular resonance in France, as the Duhamel case has sparked a series of incest charges targeting public figures.

The authors also explain how Alan Koenigsberg, whose real name is, continued to enjoy unwavering support from the world of cinema after her involvement, while Mia Farrow, who was denied the roles, became, according to her, an undesirable figure in Hollywood.

It wasn’t until 2017, thanks to a column written by Dylan Farrow and the renewed public support of his brother Ronan, a journalist-turned-hero of the #MeToo movement, as actors and actresses publicly distanced themselves from the ” 80s, so isolated ever since.

For Kirby Dick, the topic has been expanded to such an extent that this documentary, named after Woody Allen, “doesn’t really relate to him,” he said in an interview with Washington Post.

“She’s talking about a system,” Amy Zering assured. “This movie deals with complicity, the power of celebrity, the power of manipulation, and how we’re going to believe in something that will be repeated enough.”

Allen v. Farrow She’s also a dive into the world of Dylan Farrow, who gives herself up here like never before, and still clearly shows, nearly 30 years later, in profound shock.

“There was a lot of misinformation […]Says the woman who is now herself a mother. “They questioned me, put me under a microscope, I was humiliated,” while her adoptive father was “at the wheel.”

There is still the severe absence of Woody Allen himself during these four hours of the harsh indictment, even if excerpts from the audiobook, which the director read, are incorporated from his last autobiography, by the way (2020).

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No testimony came to prove the inconsistency, as his wife Sun Yi and his adopted son Moses, a public supporter of his father in the past, refused to cooperate on the project.

In response to an AFP question, Woody Allen did not answer.

“I think a lot of the people who are going to see the Documentary, including the people who defend Woody Allen today, will change their minds or see it in a completely different way,” said Kirby Dick.

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