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Netflix In Canada, Facebook permanently blocks copying of Clubhouse and Twitter

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February 11, 2021

Don’t have time to keep up with the latest marketing and technical news? Here are the highlights.

Les Affaires: Netflix opens office in Canada

This new office will be a “big first step” toward producing content in the country.

However, the exact location of the future office was not chosen.

However, as the media remind us, ” [le groupe] It leans toward Toronto or Vancouver, as the company has many products in both markets. “

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Digital Century: Facebook will operate on a platform similar to Clubhouse

The new 100% audio social network may only be available in beta at the moment, and Mark Zuckerberg is already preparing its own version of the app in-house, as the New York Times explained and quoted in the article.

As Siècle Digital explains in its article, “The project is still in the“ first phase of development, ”as The New York Times notes. A Facebook spokesperson said when asked by the port:“ We have been connecting people through audio and video technologies for many years, and are constantly exploring new avenues. To improve this experience for “people.”

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Press: Donald Trump will not return to Twitter

It’s official, Donald Trump’s ban from the social network will be permanent, even if he’s a White House candidate again.

“According to our rules, when you are fired from the platform, you are expelled from the platform, whether you are a former or current financial or financial director or manager,” Ned Segal said in the channel on Wednesday. CNBC financial information, “the media reported.

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