Alex Jaleshinyuk is looking

Alex Galchniuk, who was acquired by Toronto Maple Leaves last week, spoke to Queen City reporters on Sunday, saying he wanted to continue working to further his career.

The former Montreal Canadiens team moved to Ottawa Senators, who delivered them to the Carolina Hurricanes earlier this month. In time to say so, they brought him back to Ontario, but this time south, through a deal involving David Warsovsky and Igor Korchkov.

With a goal in eight matches this season, the 27-year-old will have to do a lot to persuade Leaves coach Sheldon Keffe to keep him a place in the regular squad. With a 14-3-2 record, Toronto is at the top of the overall standings and doesn’t necessarily play much with the group of skaters.

“It has been very intense in recent days, Galchenyuk admitted according to statements reported by Sportsnet. We can sit here and talk all day about my career.” […] However, that’s not what my head says to do. I’m here now and I’m really excited about it. “

In order to become a hockey player every night in the National League, a Wisconsin native has no miracle recipe to apply. Efforts must be in place.

He said, “You know, you have to win this opportunity and then fight to keep your job.” You have to work, attack and play hard all the time, and introduce yourself by playing games. This is what I must do, this and compete. “

The potential is there, according to Leafs

If Galchenyuk went up the hill, Maple Leafs could be a more dangerous contender for the Habs and other clubs in the Northern Division. The striker has already scored 30 goals in one season – the 2015-16 season – and Kevi has already said his new player has great potential, especially with his “tally of skills and what he’s accomplished in the league”.

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At the very least, the manager concerned has all the tools necessary for success. In Toronto, there is no shortage of offensive talent. He must first look ahead and avoid remembering much of the past.

“Even though there isn’t a lot of hockey, I’ve moved around a lot over the past few years. It’s been tough, but it’s a part of life. There, it’s interesting, you take it the right way,” penns.

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