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Amara, “go as far as you can”

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The new president of the Algerian Football Association (FAF), Sharaf Eddine Amara, said on Wednesday that Algeria will try to “look good and go as far as possible” during the Arab Nations Cup soccer tournament to be held in Qatar from December 1-18. in Qatar.

We have inherited a competitive group to attend Egypt that no longer needs to present. We will participate in this competition with the intention to show a good face and do our best, especially as “This is the first” main meeting since my election to the presidency of FAF, which will be held before CAN-2021 (postponed Until 2022, Editor’s Note) in Cameroon, the FAF will lay down all means to allow our selection to prepare in excellent conditions and to present together the best players of the moment to achieve its goals, ”the president of the Football Association said, in a phone call by the APS from Doha, where he is present on the occasion of the draw. He comes out of the test, which was taken on Tuesday.

In addition to Egypt, Algeria, which paid off in Group D, will meet the winners of the matches in Lebanon, Djibouti, Libya and Sudan in the first round. The tournament is held in two stages, with a preliminary competition involving fourteen teams in the lowest ranking in the form of seven singles matches with direct elimination, then a final competition takes place in the form of a group stage, followed by a quarter-final. . Semi-final and final.

This competition, intended for local players, should record the presence of elements developing abroad, outside the European continent, as Sharafuddin Amara made clear.

“Regarding the team that will participate in this event, it is clear that it will mainly consist of players playing in Algeria, but also players playing in the Gulf tournaments and even in Tunisia. The players playing in Europe will not be affected by the moment in which you will play. He added that they will participate during this period.” Period in their respective tournaments. “

Before delving into the same topic: “The technical staff that will participate in this tournament will be decided after consultations between the national coach Jamal Belmadi and the selection of Team A” composed of local players, Majid Bougherra.

“It is important for me to be in Doha.”

Sharafuddin Amara was immediately elected president of the Federal Football Association (FAF) during the General Assembly Meeting (EGM) that took place on April 15th, and quickly got to the crux of the matter, by taking a trip to Doha in the company of FAF. General Secretary Mohamed Saad, to attend the Arab Football Cup draw.

“It was very important for me to make a trip to Doha to attend this lottery and to represent my country like other Arab federations representatives. My presence in Qatar allowed me to communicate with the federations’ heads, which is a way of doing things in one of the pillars of my program,” he added.

Taking advantage of his presence in Qatar, Khalifa Khairuddin Zici’s agenda was busy on Tuesday, as he had to meet with the president of the International Federation (FIFA) and the African Union (CAF).

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