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American Corona Virus: Hospitals set a new record as experts warned that Thanksgiving gatherings could exacerbate the epidemic

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Dr. Chris Burnell, a New Jersey physician who lost her father to the Covid-19 virus, told CNN Thursday that she had been on the phone with friends the night before, asking them to reverse their travel plans.

“I pleaded with them, ‘Please, stay home. Be safe so you can enjoy your loved ones in the future,’” said Burnell.

Registered cases Rising to unprecedented levels. The average number of new daily cases over a week in the United States reached 175,809 on Wednesday – the highest number on record, and more than two and a half times the previous peak in late July.
And Covid-19 Death cases In the United States it goes up. More than 2,100 deaths were reported on Tuesday and Wednesday each, the first time this level has been exceeded in consecutive days since late April.

The average number of daily deaths in a week – 1,658 on Wednesday – is the highest since mid-May.

The The CDC recommended Last week Americans should not travel to Thanksgiving. Change many of their plans, New poll showed. But millions have not.
More than 1.07 million people passed through security checkpoints at US airports on Wednesday alone – the largest number in a single day since March 16, as coronavirus restrictions began across the country, the Transportation Security Administration He said Thursday.
More than 5.9 million people have traveled through US airports since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention A recommendation against travel Last week, according to TSA data.

Expert: Daily deaths may soon double

An expert expects daily Covid-19 deaths to double in just days.

“When you look at people who are hospitalized today, they were infected two weeks ago, maybe more. So, it takes about five to seven days for symptoms to appear,” said Dr. Jonathan Rayner, professor of medicine at George Washington University. Wednesday.

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“Normally, it takes another week until you are sick enough to be admitted to hospital, which means at least two weeks, and then it usually takes another week for people to succumb,” Rainer said.

“I expect that the daily death rate will double in the next ten days,” he said. “We will see nearly 4,000 deaths a day.”

‘We will see an increase when the forces increase’

As the country enters the wave of COVID-19 in the fall of the year, local and state leaders have made one last attempt throughout the week to warn Americans: Don’t pick the traditional Thanksgiving celebrations this year, otherwise things could go wrong.

Get together for the holidays?  This site will help you know how risky your plans are

Phone alerts were sent out in Pennsylvania and parts of Georgia urging residents to stay safe during the holiday. New Orleans officials sent reminders to residents to celebrate within their families and keep the big celebrations virtual. In a recent appeal to the Kansans, Governor Laura Kelly said that following the health regulations “will be more important than ever in the coming days.” American Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams said the safest Thanksgiving this year involves only immediate family members.

Similar warnings poured out over the past week from officials in nearly every state. Experts warned of what could happen in the coming weeks if Americans did not heed the directives.

“It’s kind of serious news here with all these people who travel and then at their destinations spend a lot of time indoors in a warm family relationship with extended families,” said Dr. William Schaffner, professor of infectious diseases at Vanderbilt University, Wednesday night. .

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“The virus will attend some Thanksgiving dinner and it will spread, I fear. Then people will return to their homes, and some of them will get sick, and the virus will spread in their families and their neighborhoods,” he added.

“Within a week, probably two weeks, we will see an increase in forces,” Schaffner said. “We are in a difficult time.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Study: It’s possible that only 1 in 8 U.S. cases of infection were counted

A new modeling study indicates that about 1 in 8 – or 13% – of all coronavirus cases in the United States were recognized and reported through the end of September.

The mayor of Denver apologizes for the Thanksgiving travel plan

The estimate, provided by researchers at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, means that as many as 53 million people in the United States could have contracted the infection from February to September.

The researchers said that during the same period, around 7 million confirmed cases of Covid-19 were reported nationwide.

As of Thursday, health authorities have identified Over 12.7 million cases of Covid-19 In the United States so far, according to Johns Hopkins University.
We estimated that in the United States as of September 30, 2020, there were approximately 53 million SARS-CoV-2 infections, including 42 million accidental cases and 2.4 million hospitalizations, with large differences by age group and geographic region. “CDC researchers wrote in the study published in the journal Clinical infectious diseases Wednesday.
It would be 53 million, representing about 16% of the United States population 330.6 million.

To estimate the number of Covid-19 cases that may have been missed since the start of the pandemic, researchers have used a model to adjust the reported numbers of asymptomatic cases in the United States. They took into account what was known about case detection, asymptomatic cases, patients seeking care or not, and the risk of false negative test results.

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Their study had some limitations, including that availability and use of the test had changed over time, and their results were based on a probabilistic model – so they only serve as estimates.

For months, researchers have been reporting the possibility of official cases Much smaller numbers, Especially early in the pandemic, in part due to limited availability of tests.

Overall, while the numbers of Covid-19 cases in the study may appear large, the researchers assert that 84% of the US population had not been infected by the end of September, and thus “most of the country remains at risk, despite the already high hospitalization rates.” “.

CNN’s Pete Montaigne, Ben Tinker, Jacqueline Howard, Shelby Lynn Erdman and Naomi Thomas contributed to this report.

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