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American elections | Cuba reiterates that it has not attempted any intervention

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(Havana) Cuba confirmed, on Wednesday, that it did not “interfere (and did not attempt) to interfere in the US elections for the year 2020,” and welcomed the publication of a report from Washington describing these accusations as “unreliable” by the United States. Donald Trump.

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“It is not true that Cuba interfered or tried to interfere in the American elections,” Carlos Fernandez de Cosio, director of the United States administration at the Cuban Foreign Ministry, wrote on Twitter.

He added, “The US government itself confirms this in the face of the slanders that are spreading in this country for the purposes of propaganda and defamation.”

In this report from the Department of Justice and Homeland Security published on Tuesday, the authors mention, without mentioning his name, the allegations made by Donald Trump and his supporters in the running of Democrat Joe Biden in the presidential election.

We are aware of public statements that foreign governments, including Venezuela, Cuba and China, […] They manipulated the count thanks to their control of the electoral infrastructure, “they wrote.” The investigations showed that they were not credible. ”

The report, which cites Russian, Chinese and Iranian interference attempts, concluded that no foreign country has been able to tamper with the results of the 2020 elections.

Eugenio Martinez, Director of the Latin America and the Caribbean Department at the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said on Twitter that “the capacity and frequency with which we lie in American politics is a perversion.” There is no evidence to prove this lie against Cuba. ”

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Relations between Cuba and the United States have been extremely tense under Donald Trump, who has stepped up sanctions against the communist country to denounce his support for Nicolas Maduro’s government in Venezuela.

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