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American television claimed that the US election was rigged. He has to pay standard compensation

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In the United States, the legal dispute between the American Fox News station and the manufacturer of voting machines used in the 2020 presidential election reached its climax, as the company sued the TV station for publishing false allegations of election manipulation. The parties agreed to settle even before the court ruling. Fox News will have to pay record compensation.

Decide. The US station Fox News will have to dig deeper into their pockets. Dominion voting machine manufacturers must shell out nearly 17 billion kronor in the transfer. For comparison, the Czech Ministry of Culture manages a similar amount in its budget for one year.

“Lies have consequences. People of different political views have the right to disagree. But for our democracy to last another 250 years and hopefully much longer, we must be true to the facts,” said Dominion attorney Justin Nelson.

It’s hard to believe, but the TV station came out of the suit relatively well. Originally, Dominion asked for twice the amount.

‚ÄčAP reporter Randall Chase explained the dispute: “Dominion alleges that Fox News anchors or guests falsely claimed that systems used during elections could be rigged.” Fox News defended itself by only reporting Trump’s objections to the election results and allowing viewers to hear both sides.

But the evidence says something a little different. Moderator Maria Bartrum said at the time: “I want to ask you about the Dominion system. We know there were irregularities in the voting.” “No one likes the Dominion voting system. Why should we use the one on” These were the words of another announcer, Sean Hannity.

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Ultimately, Fox News said it accepted the court’s ruling. But maybe another one will be added to the astronomical amount in the future. Smartmatic, which also makes voting systems, reportedly wants to finish what Dominion started.

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