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The commander of the Russian Pacific Fleet ends after a combat fitness check

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From now on, Avakyang will be responsible for military sports preparation and patriotic education, the Russian newspaper wrote. Kommersant. The first 12 training centers in the Russian regions will open in mid-May, and approximately 300 people will go to one of these centers per month.

According to the site, “Avacjank, who until now commanded the Pacific Fleet, will be in charge.” Moscow Times Yuri Trutnev, Kremlin Commissar for the Far East.

The review of the Russian Pacific Fleet began last Friday. 25,000 soldiers, 167 ships, 12 submarines, 89 aircraft and helicopters took part in the exercises, the then Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu reported.

The stated reason for the unexpected inspection of the Pacific Fleet and its full combat readiness was supposed to be “to increase the ability to repel the aggression of a supposed enemy.”

Putin praised the maneuvers

Russian military television station Zvezda reported on Telegram that the Russian Air Force, including the Strategic Air Force, also took part in the exercises.

During a meeting with Shoigu on Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin praised the “high level” of the Russian armed forces during the maneuvers and called for more such revisions.

As the server wrote earlier Politico Citing the Ukrainian military, the naval units of the Pacific Fleet deployed to Ukraine suffered heavy casualties.

Avakjanc has commanded the Pacific Fleet since 2012.

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