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Amy Adams brings University of British Columbia forestry specialist Susan Simard to the screen

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The project is a collaboration between production houses Nine stories, Co-founded by Jake Gyllenhaal, and Bond Group Entertainment, Co-founded by Amy Adams. The latter, who was nominated several times at the Oscars, will play the role of a Canadian scholar.

The enthusiasm for telling her story in the cinema was such that Susan Simard had to choose between proposals by famous actresses, in particular, Amy Buehler, Rachel McAdams and Natalie Portman.

It was very difficult for me to choose between all these amazing women. They all had a unique idea that would have been awesome.

The sensitivity that inhabits Amy Adams’ game, especially in Denise Villeneuve’s movie, AccessHe, however, conquered it. You touched people’s hearts and touched my heart.

Susan Simard in the Malcolm Knapp Research Forest, British Columbia.

Photo: Radio Canada / Camille Vernet

Reach a large audience

The film is based on the researcher’s memories, Search for the mother tree : Discovering the wisdom of the forestAnd the Published in April.

Search for the mother tree Not only is it a beautiful diary of a woman’s life, it is also a call to action to protect, understand, and connect with the natural worldWrites Bond Group Entertainment In the Instagram post.

This is the opportunity to reach a huge global audience, making the world happy.

You think people should encourage change. But how do we do that? I have been in academia all my life, having written dozens of articles that have been published in major magazines. Getting the message across to the real world is another whole step.

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The adaptation of the book to the screen should focus on a central element, Dr. Simard hopes: the idea that we are part of the natural world.

We see nature as something to be exploited, not a part of us. I hope the movie raises this main theme. Because then everything will follow.

Susan Simard inspects the native trees in the forest

Mother trees have unrecognized great strength. These giants protect and nourish the smallest shoots.

Photo: Radio Canada

Revolutionary discoveries

Susan Simard’s work, spanning more than 30 years, has been revolutionary in forest science and can be critical in the fight against climate change.

I think we are at this critical stage with climate change and the disappearance of species. We have a difficult road ahead, You are afraid.

There are solutions, and I’ve been working on them for decades.

His research focuses on the underground fungal networks that facilitate communication and interaction between trees by moving nutrients.

Susan Simard narrates her discoveries at a conference TED Talk, Which aired in 2016, and which has been viewed nearly 1.7 million times Youtube.

In 2020, Radio-Canada met Susan Simard at their Playground: British Columbia’s Ancient Tree Forests.

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