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An exhibition at the crossroads of art and science is being held in Reims until 4 September

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“You’ll see, you’ll be in full immersion. Relax, let’s go»: Leah, mediator In the cellar in Reims (Marne)Just finished setting up a virtual reality headset on Jacqueline’s head. On the screen at her disposal, Léa can monitor the visitor’s “journey” to IIMAGE Gallery 3.0 Stop the experiment if necessary. But Jacqueline is going to the end of a dive into the universe by artist Nelson Borek Carter in Cathedral City, California. “It is so amazing because I am used to seeing more classic exhibitions. Here, we mix genres and above all become actors in our visit. We perceive real experiences,” she is excited.

helmet with sensors

At the other end, a dark room that attracts attention. A flicker appears on the screen. “Here we will capture the neural connections of the visual cortex in order to interact with the 3D screen on the opposite side,” explains the medium. An immersive experience can be accessed thanks to a helmet with neurosensors placed on the top of the head.

The installation of Hanako Murakami requires no equipment: the “look that burns” easily attracts visitors’ attention. And for good reason: “We are faced with this small screen that we can move with our gaze. Quentin Bajac, Director of Jeu de Paume, explains that thanks to the eye sensor, our gaze will ignite the entire screen. Under an agreement with Temple Parisien de la Photo, this unprecedented exhibition arrives in Reims. The 16 works on display are part of an application from CNAP (National Center for Plastic Arts).

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Active participation of the visitor is the dominant theme of this exhibition. We insisted on the most innovative technologies in this course. They are encapsulated and immersive environments. This raises fundamental questions, namely: where does the visitor’s participation begin and where does the artist’s work end? Quentin Bajac confirms. Visitors have until 4 September to find an answer.

Exhibition: IMAGE 3.0 Free entry to Cellier de Reims. Visible until 4 September 2022:

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