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5 Best MMOFPS Games Like Destiny 2 in 2022 to Play

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Playing Online FPS games with MMO game elements isn’t easy, as the game throws players against each other in an epic battle. Similarly, Destiny 2 tests your shooting and survival skills because it comes with a beautiful blend of MMO and First-person shooter; meanwhile, the game is free-to-play. Available to play on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows, it is also known as Destiny 2: New Light. Destiny 2 welcomes you to navigate the mythic sci-fi world, where you can experience both PvE and PvP game modes. Additionally, the game features story-based missions that may leave you in-game currency upon completion.

Moreover, the game features 3-player Strikes and Dungeons, along with 6-player Raids. Players appreciated the introduction of Patrol Mode because of events and activities not available in the previous title. Usually, Public events and activities emphasize navigation of different locations and interaction with NPCs. Besides PvE, the game introduces objective-based and deathmatch modes in the Player versus Player arena. Get ready to become a Guardian who embarks on a journey to defend the Last Safe City of the Earth from hostile forces. If you are looking for the Best Raid Carry Destiny 2 Service, then visit the given platform and unlock all achievements, gears, and more.

5 Best Games Like Destiny 2

We’ve compiled the list of Best MMOFPS Games Like Destiny 2 that you would love to play.

The Division 2

Instead of featuring a first-person shooter game, Division 2 comes with a Third-person perspective with a blend of ARPG and Tactical elements. It offers the gameplay close to Destiny 2, as the graphics and game type are almost similar. The player navigates the land from a third-person viewpoint when completing missions with up to four players.

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The plot centers on a civil war between Villainous and Survivor bands. Creating the character of your choice is possible using the extensive customization feature; meanwhile, you can decide and equip firearms, including sniper rifles, assault rifles, etc., with your character. Apart from that, the game introduces Raids which up to 8-player can complete.

Remnant: From the Ashes

Remnant: From the Aches introduces a Single-player campaign and a Multiplayer mode. The game’s premise is ARPG gameplay, wherein the player moves from a third-person viewpoint. Besides, developers have borrowed many mechanics from popular gaming franchises, including the Souls series.

Instead of offering basic melee combat, the game incorporates a third-person shooter gameplay, wherein the player can wield up to two weapons; one for sidearm and the melee weapon. A post-apocalyptic-themed world inspires the environment wherein the landscapes have been overrun by evil.


The multiplayer online game, developed by People Can Fly, offers you a third-person viewpoint and is available to play on PlayStation, Xbox, and Windows. The game’s release was praised for introducing fun-filled gameplay, gorgeous visuals, and extensive customization features. The blend of RPG with TPS is excellent, and the player has a chance to design his character after choosing one of four classes. 

Each class comes with incredible abilities, skills, and personality; however, the classes are the following:

  •  Trickster
  •  Pyromancer
  •  Devastator
  • Technomancer

During the gameplay, the player uses multiple weapons, including Assault Rifles and Shotguns, to take down enemies. Unlike Destiny 2, the game doesn’t feature any raids to compete with other players.

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Tiny Tina Wonderlands

Released on 25 March 2022, Gearbox Software did a great job and was praised for releasing the best ARPG First-person shooter video game “Tiny Tina Wonderlands.” It serves as the spin-off in the Borderlands video game series, and similar to its predecessor, the game mixes the elements of Action and Role-playing along with FPS.

Instead of featuring fictional land, the game comes with fantasy-themed land wherein the plot starts with Frette, Valentine, and the protagonist, who are about to take on the Dragon Lord. The dragon uses the evil power to wake up and raise the undead to smash the world; therefore, the responsibility of saving the world lies on your shoulder. There are several dangerous locations available to navigate, and the player has a choice to interact with NPCs.

Escape from Tarkov

If you are curious to experience military-themed gameplay with first-person shooter experience, then we recommend Escape from Tarkov. It features only Multiplayer mode and comes with a blend of ARPG and FPS. The story follows two private military forces fighting against each other in the fictional Norvinsk Region.

The available teams are United Security and the Battle Encounter Assault Regiment. Similar to Destiny 2, Raids have been introduced to the game that lets players play alone or in groups on various maps. When playing in a solo mode, you must battle against NPCs, but in groups, you need to fight against other players to complete raids. There are two modes such as PMC Raids and Scav Raids.


Our “Best Games Like Destiny 2” list includes the 5 best topics based on gameplay, graphics, and mechanics. Although all games don’t offer Raids, most titles have raids to complete. Every title contains character customization and a couple of modes to experience. If you have other suggestions, please let us know via Comment Section. 

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