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Nick Paul as Paul Karia

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I was really impressed with Nick Paul’s determination and resilience in Game Three of the Stanley Cup Final.

The Tampa Bay Lightning Center was injured on the field during the game. He was in pain, he was in pain a lot, but he remained at the meeting.

Watch the procedure in the video above.

After receiving his usual treatment, Paul returned to the bench and his coach John Cooper looked at him and said, “Are you ready to go? (Are you ready to go back?)

Paul answered in the affirmative. He jumped on the ice and soon after scored what turned out to be the match-winning goal for Lightning.

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Indeed, John Cooper said after the match that Paul’s determination and goal were a turning point in the match that ultimately ended 6-2 to Tampa.

Nick Paul’s bravery reminded me of Paul Kariya.

In the 2003 Finals between the New Jersey Devils and the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, Kariya was hit hard by strongman defense Scott Stevens in Game 6.

The check was hard and the picture we had on Kariya ice was disturbing. He just suffered a severe concussion.

Showing extraordinary courage, Kariya returned to the match and scored a goal that is still alive in the memory of many hockey fans.

Carré helped his team win and enforced the seventh and final game.

Monday night, when I saw Nick Paul score, I thought of Paul Karia.

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