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What will the Kemper Hospital Immunization Day be used for on November 19? – Quimper

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  • 1 Talk about something other than Covid
  • At a time when vaccination is almost exclusively associated with the COVID-19 virus, Kemper Hospital saw fit to highlight other vaccines. On November 19, at the initiative of Dr. Lady Khachaturian, infectious disease specialist and medical director of the Elegant Vaccination Center, two doctors, three to four nurses and a secretary to two will be mobilized to receive health professionals and users. Hospital and population. Today, it is open to all, without an appointment. An opportunity to “remind people of the benefits of vaccination”. Or rather, “all” vaccinations, says the doctor. So on that day it will be possible to come and update your vaccination course (diphtheria-tetanus-polio, pertussis, pneumococcus, etc.) or be vaccinated against seasonal influenza.

  • 2 Talking about seasonal influenza
  • For an infectious disease specialist, the appointment is very important because the current period is conducive to the onset of influenza. In the past year, the vaccine device has been somewhat discontinued; Demand, “much greater than in previous years” makes access to a vaccine more complicated. Difficulty should not appear again this year. “Because things are more fluid,” emphasizes Lady Khachaturian.

    An infectious disease specialist who says, however, “expects” the coming winter, due to “double circulatory flu and a virus.” “So we should encourage people with risk factors to get vaccinated against influenza,” insists the doctor, who specifies that such a vaccine, “effective around six months,” allows “to reduce mortality, complications and transmission.”

  • 3 Talk to people
  • But before the vaccines are injected, teams will sometimes have to persuade. Because “the seasonal flu vaccine scares some patients,” Lady Khachaturian admits. What they fear most is the idea of ​​receiving two vaccines (influenza and covid-19) at the same time. “Joint administration” reassures the infectious disease specialist in the face of it, “because everything is going well,” “it can be done on the same day.”

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  • 4 Talk about reminders
  • The difference probably won’t get away with it. They will also have to respond to requests related to covid-19. On paper, they expect between 150 and 200 people. But Emmanuel Macron’s comments on Tuesday night could be a game changer.

    Many people may be tempted to open hospital doors on November 19 to get their third dose. The occasion can already be recalled. The doctor insists that the indispensable reminders, which “make it possible to improve the response to the vaccine and make it more robust, to make the vaccine last longer”. But he still encourages residents to focus on their initial path to getting these injections.


    Immunization Day Friday, November 19, 10am-5pm, without registration, under the umbrella of the consultation, Kemper Hospital main building. Bring your ID card, bio card, immunization record, health record.

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