Andre Bolduc feels he is ready to replace Jary Jones

I’m not nervous or anxious yet, Bolduc said in a video conference on Thursday. I have the impression that Saturday will be a little longer, because we play in the evening. What will help me is that I will go for a walk home, in Sherbrooke, to clear my mind, take care of things outside, and hit the road to get to the field early because I definitely want to take advantage of that.

He was the former head coach at Vert et Or at the University of Sherbrooke from 2007 to 2011 and is the one who led Nomades from Montmorency College to Bol d’Or in 2005 with the Alouettes for seven years.

Initially responsible for running back, he also became an assistant to Khary Jones two years earlier. Therefore, he is considered to have a lot of experience in this challenge.

What will help me the most is that I have always been fortunate enough to be on the sidelines. I wasn’t in the upstairs room much. So, I was in the field, communicated with the stewards, and made sure the downtime was managed. I am fully aware of all the decisions that need to be made.

Quote from:Andre Bolduc, interim head coach of Montreal Alouette

Like when I was a player, I’d do some fantasizing to see what would be the worst case scenario, what I’d do, added the former bird player, from 1998 to 2001. Even on paper, we have plans made for when it’s time to go into the colon or the colon. When it’s finally time to kneel, does the opponent have a reprieve? I know everything very well and I love it. When I watch football on TV, I imagine if I were a head coach, how I would respond to managing time in the best possible way.

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The Alma native also says he is well surrounded. Jones is at home but continues to work nonetheless and the two men work closely together to properly prepare the team. Nothing is left to chance.

So far he’s been playing quarterback, he’s been at every giant screen meeting all week.Bolduc said of Harry Jones. He debugged with recipients and moderators. We’ve done the scenarios this week and we’ll be running the match sheet. All games are generated based on practice, distance and location on the court.

Everything canteen. We know what we want to choose, what the medium likes, and we know the staff at our disposal.The 50-year-old adds. It’s a very strict plan that I would tell the curators when they decide on the games. Don’t get out of the hat. It’s a game thought and tried during the week, on both sides of the field.

More aggressive defensive line

Aloette’s defensive line is number one in the Canadian Football League with an average of 3.25 sacks per game (13 in 4 games). It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a Montreal team dominate this column and delight Bolduc.

In 2019, in the playoff against Edmonton, our weakness was really exposed, our inability to put pressure on the quarterback. On the flip side, they completed 23 or 24 passes in a row. We tried to hide it during the regular season with great area coverage. It was clear to us that we had to improve the defensive front.

Quote from:Andre Bolduc, interim head coach of Montreal Alouette

Since that time, we’ve added guys like Almundo Sewell, Nick Asher, and Michael Wakefield, Follow Boldock. The first two are from Edmonton and Wakefield is from Ottawa. These are the guys we rate well because we’ve run into them a lot in 2019.

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Barron Miles does a great job with these guys to put pressure on opposing quarterbacks, without always being the same way to do it. It’s been so positive so far, that stress that ended up in bags. As we know, the Case quarterback often places the difference in the second long test or on the third, to be clear. It’s really important in this league.

And most of all for a quarter caliber Mike Riley. The 36-year-old veteran got off to a poor start to the season with the Lions. His passing success rate is 71.4%, tied for his first in the league with Edmonton Elks’ Troy Harris. On average, he averages 9.3 yards and only suffered one interception, the highest for a quarterback at the Ambrosian circuit.

Andre Bolduc said: “You obviously know him Riley, he’s a warrior, and he’s not afraid to catch the ball to complete the pass he loves. The hits don’t scare him. You really don’t have to take long to get to it. Therefore, a return will require tighter coverage. There will be a lot of work for defensive backs and also for short passes. We don’t want him to get off the ball too fast either. It’s a very good challenge for the defensive front.

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