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Andrew Cuomo faces accountability?

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Cole Hanson
Cole Hanson
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Last year, as Democrats struggled to find a candidate to confront Donald Trump and Joe Biden fought to stand out from the group, many observers were promoting the Democratic governor of New York state.

As his condition was severely affected by the pandemic, Cuomo faced the press regularly, answering questions firmly while showing sympathy. Many saw this as the leader who made up for the lack of leadership from the White House.

To the Quebec friends who asked me about the late run for Governor, I replied that Andrew Cuomo had already assessed his potential and that he would have preferred to abstain. Why? Loudly and with a little masculinity, the ruler is not new to the political scene, and there are some skeletons in his wardrobe. We know the man and his abrasive style.

Embodying the idealistic opposition to Trump, Andrew Cuomo can now face the same plight that he has publicly tarnished on numerous occasions. He may also escape the indignity of impeachment, but his chances of re-election in 2022 are likely to be seriously affected. He aspires to a fourth term in a country that has no restrictions on the number of reruns.

Why do we blame Andrew Cuomo? His Republican opponents, as well as his Democratic allies, are reacting strongly to the fact that a member of his administration has admitted that the number of deaths in nursing homes has decreased. So we had tampered with the data.

After attacking the Donald Trump administration for denying scientific data, the governor was thus trying to restore his image by hiding the facts. Trumpian behavior and political recovery from the health crisis.

I’d like to note in passing that Andrew Cuomo’s brother is CNN superstar, Chris Cuomo. The latter kept many clips of his show for discussions with his eldest, which he promoted during exchanges that I deemed particularly embarrassing. Moreover, the host is now under criticism for neglecting to cover his brother’s relapses.

So the New York governor is going through a storm and he will have a lot to do to fix the mess. Its popularity has fallen ten points since the end of January, leaving little room for maneuver.

With the Democrats in control of both houses of Congress, I would be surprised if Cuomo was indicted in impeachment. However, its opponents will not fail to take advantage of this crisis, and its allies can hardly help it vigorously in such a context.

For now, Cuomo has denied trying to hide the data, although he admits he was slow to transfer it. How do we explain this delay then? Excessive workload for his and her employees. Since his team was unable to produce all the real-time data for journalists, the latter filled the media void by expressing their doubts, hence the controversy.

Andrew Cuomo will survive this crisis, but it shows that Cuomo’s method is not without flaws. This is not the first time that we have criticized its approach and administration. The ruler of a deep democratic state, he has never had an overwhelming majority. The turmoil he is going through is an additional indication that he has not embarked on a presidential campaign. His file is not without points and it is polarized.

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