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Andrew Cuomo saga: CNN pins l’animateur Chris Cuomo

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There are hundreds of pages posted by Letitia James’ office on Monday He highlighted the role he played behind the scenes 51 years ago in dealing with allegations of sexual harassment against his brother, the ousted New York state governor Andrew Cuomo, earlier this year.

As a result of this new lighting thrown at him Being involved in defending his brotherThe network said in a press release that it has suspended hosting Prime Como Time For an indefinite period, awaiting further evaluation.

The documents, which we were not aware of prior to their public release, raise serious questionsOne of the channel’s most famous personalities, said the company, which has not taken strict action against its employee.

His inaction was also the subject of criticism, and many questioned the journalistic ethics of both the main stakeholder and the 24-hour news channel.

When Chris admitted to us that he advised his brother’s staff, he broke our rules and we admitted it publicly. But we also understood the unique place he found himself in, and we recognized his need to put his family before his job.Grid said.

« However, these documents indicate a greater level of involvement in his brother’s efforts than we previously knew. »

Quote from Excerpts from a CNN press release

On Monday, the cable channel responded by indicating that it would talks And he will seek it More explanation About the meaning of the information contained in the documents.

It is broadcast from 9 pm. Prime Como Time, the most-watched program on CNN, was replaced on Tuesday evening with a second hour ofAnderson Cooper 360.

The day before, a few hours after the documents were published, Chris Cuomo hosted his show as if nothing had happened.

Both authors of the CNN article wrote that his comment came after criticism was raised about it It violated widely accepted journalistic standards.

« CNN staff members expressed dissatisfaction with the announcer’s behavior. »

Quote from Excerpt from a CNN article published on Tuesday

Help greater than known

Chris Cuomo’s role as an unofficial advisor to his older brother, forced to resign In August 2021 after a torrent of allegations he had always denied, it was already known. The Washington Post, for example, had mentioned in a report as early as May 2021.

Documents released on Monday – a 348-page transcript of an interrogation by New York investigators and 169 pages of evidence in the file, including emails and texts – revealed, however, help on a larger scale than has been disclosed thus far.

During his testimony, he admitted that while prosecutors began publicly indicting Governor Cuomo in February and March of 2021, he was in frequent contact with his brother and team.

Challenging in the strategy used to deal with the string of accusations, he even dictated press releases in which he proposed detailed answers.

According to his own testimony, but also according to the transcripts, Chris Cuomo also used his press sources to obtain information on the accused.

In March, he said in his current affairs that he was unable to cover up the allegations against his brother.

The presenter, known for his straightforward style, apologized a few weeks later, admitting that he gave a flaw He advised him, but explained at the same time that his family put him before his work.

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He returned to the topic in August, after a report from Letitia James, who spoke of his involvement, arguing that he was only one brother who had it gave his opinion.

At the beginning of the epidemic, Andrew Cuomo appeared on the show several times Prime Como Time. The two brothers’ exchanges, punctuated by humor, were also It was well received by many viewers, but conflicts of interest have also drawn its share of criticism, even internally.

Falling out of favor after establishing himself as a national political star during the pandemic, Andrew Cuomo finally decided to throw in the towel in August.

in a damn reportIn New York, the attorney general of the state of New York has documented the cases of 11 women who alleged they were subjected to inappropriate gestures or remarks by Andrew Cuomo.

was the last Sent to him last month to commit a sexual crime.

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