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Russia: A burning fuel depot near the Ukrainian border

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The Russian authorities said that a fire broke out in a large fuel depot, on Monday, in a Russian town near the Ukrainian border, without specifying the causes of the fire.

“A fire broke out at the Transneft Briansk-Druzhba fuel depot in Briansk, a town located 150 kilometers from the border with Ukraine and serving as a logistics base for the Moscow military offensive in that country, according to Russian news, citing the Ministry of Emergency Situations agencies.

“According to preliminary information, there are no casualties,” he added. The cause of this fire has not been determined.

Le feu s’est déclenché vers 02H00 locales (23H00 GMT dimanche) dans le district de Fokinsky de la ville de Briansk, a précisé l’antenne locale du ministère des Situations d’urgence, ajoutant que des secouristes et des édépétésés sites.

Footage published by Russian media showed a fire lit up red at night in Bryansk, while thick smoke rose into the sky.

The Interfax news agency reported that a second fuel depot in the same area caught fire, but this information could not be immediately confirmed.

The city of Bryansk, located about 150 kilometers from the Ukrainian border, has been used as a logistics base for Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine for more than two months.

Moscow has repeatedly accused Ukrainian forces of carrying out strikes on Russian territory, in particular on a village in the Bryansk region in mid-April.

In early April, the governor of the Belgorod region, also located on the border, claimed that Ukrainian helicopters had fired at a fuel depot.

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