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Android brings end-to-end encryption to Google Messages

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Google Messages is evolving to offer end-to-end encryption. This extra layer of security relates to RCS conversations, and corrects one of the downsides of the protocol required for SMS success.

Google has been campaigning for several years to get rid of SMS in favor of the Rich Connect service. With RCS, the Mountain View giant has its iMessage equivalent for Android, and somehow, it’s getting revenge on messages. This standard – like SMS – is not affiliated with any company, but it is a direct competitor to messaging applications such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or iMessage from Apple. Remote Control System (RCS) provides similar functionality and rich experience. It is updating SMS, which is now outdated and deprecated in favor of instant messaging.

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The remote control system (RCS) corrects its main flaw

However, the Californian company is struggling to launch RCS, in particular due to a lack of efforts by operators and Late adoption by smartphone manufacturers. The protocol also suffers from a lack of security: it does not include end-to-end encryption. A problem we raised during Spread in France Which Google contacted. The company responded at the end of 2020 by offering end-to-end encryption in an open beta in Messages. It just announced that its app now offers that extra layer of security that Guarantees That no one can read the content exchanged between you and your interlocutor.

“Whoever you message with, the information you share is personal. End-to-end encryption in messages helps keep your conversations secure during transmission. Ensures that no one can read the content of your messages as they flow between your phone and the content of the person you’re sending a message to”defines google On the official Android website. subtract a little between New features expected this summer on AndroidThis announcement is a huge step forward for Google. It corrects an issue that is regularly reported by moderators and users.

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The company states that end-to-end encryption is only available for individual conversations between users of the messaging app. They should also have active chat functionality, which is a term Google uses to designate RCS messages. Now end-to-end encrypted conversations will be marked تمييز By having a padlock icon next to the message timestamp, on the send bar and on the send button when writing a message.

Google Messages approaches the most popular messaging services with this newness and arrival of favorite messages. In addition to the efforts of the entire Android world, there is no doubt that it will take an effort from Apple and the iPhone to help RCS permanently replace texting.

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