What do you do to restore the sense of smell if the loss of smell continues?

Patients who have lost their sense of smell cause of Covid-19 begins to feel &# xe0;  Again citrus scents, including citrus scents.  (draw)

Patients who have lost their sense of smell due to Covid-19 begin to smell sour smells again, including citrus. (draw)

hEight out of ten Covid-19 patients lose their sense of smell. And some, even after several months of recovery, can’t find it. For all rhinoplasty procedures and even for anyone on a daily basis (how do you smell smoke when there’s a fire, for example?), the lack of a sense of smell is a real handicap. In Nice, doctors implemented an olfactory rehabilitation protocol in which an otolaryngologist, speech therapist and psychiatrist work together to allow affected patients to regain their sense of smell. “It is important not to delay or else the recovery will take longer,” warns Dr. Claire Vanderstein, an otolaryngologist at the University Institute of Face and Neck in Nice, near beautiful morning.

distance long covid A loss of smell (a critical loss of the sense of smell) that persists, rehabilitation procedure alone, without medical support, will usually not be sufficient. “What sets this post-viral disease apart is that we find an attack on the central nervous system that disrupts the perception of odors,” Dr. Vanderstein confirms. Hence the importance of this multidisciplinary approach not only to smelling scents, but also to being able to recognize them again.

The psychological effect is much heavier than it appears

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