Animal shelter guilty of neglecting animals

In June and July 2019, officers from The Humane Society of Windsor/Essex County [Société protectrice des animaux] From the county of Windsor Essex several charges against the person responsible for Royals Animal Rescue Service.

Nine dogs have been taken over by the humane community.

However, earlier this month, the founder of the shelter group pleaded guilty to failing to provide adequate and appropriate medical care to the dog, on two counts of failing to comply with an order and failing to provide nine dogs with adequate and appropriate health conditions. And ventilation, read the statement.

The charges were brought under the former Ontario SPCA.

The Humane Society said the group’s founder will be banned from owning dogs for two years, with the exception of a family pet. Animal welfare inspectors will be able to check the dog’s well-being.

The founder will also have to pay compensation of $1,000.

All other dogs removed during the investigation have been handed over to the humane community and will be adopted by foster families.

The Humane Society said anyone interested in animal welfare can report to the county by calling 1-833-9ANIMAL.

With information from CBC News

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