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Annie Goglia in Olympic mourning | Olympic Games

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The 30-year-old Quebec skier finished 24th at the world championships in Rome, a result not enough to win an Olympic ticket, which she considers the worst defeat of her life, as captivated on Monday during the unveiling of the new street track. In a skate park at the Olympic Park in Montreal.

When I put a lot of time, effort, attention, money, and focus into something, I usually succeed and go all the way, but not…

Quote from:Annie Goglia, snowboarder

Annie Gouglia believes several factors are involved, such as a particular pandemic that has affected her morale and complicated her training.

It was very difficult, I spent all the winter training on my own at Taz, definitely not like the others who have a team to train with. But I don’t take it as an excuse, I think I gave 100% of what I was able to do, did she say.

Sky Brown at work in Los Angeles, February 11, 2020

Photo: Getty Images Makers/Emma McIntyre

She also says competition is increasingly fierce from women and their opponents are increasingly younger. Attention is drawn to the new generation of skaters in Tokyo.

13-year-old Brazilian Risa Leal finished third in the world championships. Two 12-year-old girls, Skye Brown and Kona Hiraki, also qualified for the Games. They are ranked 3rd and 6th globally in the park event and have a real chance of standing on the podium.

The last time such a young athlete won an Olympic medal was in 1936.

For me, it’s only been four years since I started competing, while the guys are starting to compete. Ski With a state of mind of competition and self-transcendenceGoogly explained.

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On this International Skateboarding Day, Annie Guglia, who started playing her sport at the age of 11 for fun, sees positive even in this big gray cloud.

For games, they took the 20th place in the first places. I take that as a bit of a defeat, but I know that’s not the end. I won the whole process, maybe not in the results, but I learned a lot, traveled, and got a lot of attention. I think it inspired a lot of people. If only that, it would be worth it.

Quote from:Annie Guglia
Two young women skateboarding.

Annie Guglia and Lily Rose Chouinard have fun in the skate park at the Montreal Olympic Park.

Photo: Radio Canada

Annie Guglia has become an inspiration to many young skaters across the country. This is the case of 11-year-old Lily-Rose Chouinard, who introduced some characters on skate park obstacles in the company of her idol. She considers Guglia a role model and hopes to make it to the Olympics one day.

According to Guglia, access to better infrastructure, such as this new skate park, will allow the next generation to train better and perform better.

We didn’t have skate parks Tangible like this when I was young, we Ski A piece of wood in the chalet. Surely luck and Street In Montreal, in the heart of the city like that, it’s extraordinary for the next generation!

Woman laughing in interview with microphone in front of her.

Annie Guglia

Photo: Radio Canada / Genevieve Tardiff

Annie Guglia is very excited to see the Tokyo Games this summer and won’t close the door to the Paris Olympics in 2024.

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I’m going to watch the games for sure, they are my friends, the people I work with Ski many years ago. The Ski, it’s a communityconcluded.

In just over a month, skateboarding will make its Tokyo Games debut with two disciplines: park (or bowl) and street track.

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