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Joel Bouchard fell in love with Kaiden Guhle

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Joel Bouchard commanded Laval Rockets for three seasons. By the way, he’ll have amassed an 83-67-24 record, which isn’t necessarily bad when you think about it.

Quebec then left the Canadian organization to join the Ducks organization, where he coached the San Diego Gulls last year. However, we were a little surprised on May 11, when senior management at Anaheim fired him.

But before all that, Bouchard was a fan of the little ones. He spent three years behind the bench at Junior de Montreal and Armada de Plainville-Bobriand as assistant coach, before becoming an Armada driver in 2014-2015 (in addition to serving as general manager with the team).

The roles he held for four years, before joining Rocket in 2018. Note that he was also the general manager of Team Canada junior, which is further evidence that he knows the young players well.

Being the general manager and head coach, Bouchard had the opportunity to control many things during his time with Armada. He was the man in charge of nearly all hockey operations at the club, which clearly changed when he jumped to the pros.

However, even when he was coach at Laval, Joel continued to care about the hopes of the National Hockey League. Watch a little closely and fall in love with Kaiden Guhle for his snowboarding skills.

So he knew at the time that Guhle was going to be a special player in the future and hoped the Canadian would pick him up in the 2020 draft…even if he never talked about it with CH senior management.

The man I wanted, without talking about it with the Canadians, was Guhle. – Joel Bouchard

Talk about that today in the new Blue Pocket podcast hosted by Stefan Gonzalez at noon.

What struck me about all this was the fact that he never talked about it with the organization.

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How could an AHL coach (I remember the Development League) not have a say in choosing Guhle? I repeat: Joel Bouchard knew budding hockey well.

We’re talking there… But is this one of the reasons that could explain his departure? The fact that he used to manage everything in the junior and that at the top he had no control over the intentions of the team?

Remember that in the end, Bouchard had the opportunity to manage Kaiden Guhle during the pandemic season, when the youngster played three games for Rocket. And in this three-game sampler, Guhle was the best defender in the lineup.

So he was right in love with her.

It should also be noted that Joël Bouchard is currently in love with young people from CH, and that he has never seen him before Lots of talent in the rookie tournament.

Many of

– Suppose he has already been in the “spotlight” for a while …

Remember, he signed a contract in Toronto.

– A nice gesture from the previous Nordiques.

– I wish him.

– You’re talking about the news.

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