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Annie Sully Proto documentary, A Call to the Elderly

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In 2017, after her grandmother moved into a nursing home, she was hospitalized and then passed away. This difficult experience prompted Annie-Soleil Proteau to search for solutions to help seniors stay home for as long as possible.

Anne Soleil Proto and her grandmother Madeleine

Photo: Annie Soleil Proto

That’s how she came up with the idea for this documentary after the pandemic highlighted the plight of the elderly.

We have felt a great and justified collective indignation, and I have the impression that we listen to everything about the elderly.

Quote from:Annie Sully Proto

Annie-Soleil Proteau confirms her time in Everyone is talking about it Cause a tidal wave. I receive thousands of messages from people telling me their stories. They write to me that we want to age in our home and that we invest our money in Quebec, she adds.

The announcement of this documentary was well received by the audience. The announcer believes that the popular movement shows her that it is a necessary topic that must be covered. We’ve come to the point of having political will, unfortunately, that we don’t seem to have, she is thinking.

When she began the research four years ago, she admitted that she was sad and angry. I entered the system with steel covers and a saw. I’m still angry. The pandemic sheds light on what was already in the news 25 years ago. What we’re doing right now – putting money into CHSLDs and very little into home care – is not working, insists Anne Soleil Proto.

She clearly fears that this topic will fall into oblivion again once the pandemic is behind us. It’s one of my greatest haunts. We talked about old people, we were angry, but now, what do we do? That is why I am not shy to say what I think and call the specialists who have mastered this file., admit.

Annie-Soleil Proteau specifies that the documentary has changed and tempered after the pandemic. Its main goal was to meet people with the realities of home care and to give a voice to the elderly.

90% of them say they want to stay indoors for as long as possible. It’s not what we do, we don’t give them a voice, says Annie Soleil Proto.

The young woman is sitting at a table in a house, has a cup and computer in front of her and checks her cell phone.

Annie Sully Proto in a scene from the documentary “The Last House”

Photo: Breaking Productions

She adds that there are three main problems: access to home care is extremely limited and difficult, a lack of support for caregivers and a lack of workforce. Low paying beneficiary midwives and nurses jobs.


In the documentary, Annie-Soleil Proteau shows some alternatives to housing, which are imperfect solutions due to a lack of help. She has met caregivers who take care of their parents at home, healthy elderly people who live in their own homes, and a couple who pay for home care.

It’s been proven that people who stay home as long as possible are happier and healthier, so you can save money, says Annie Soleil Proto.

His words in the documentary were confirmed by professor and geriatrician Reagan Heber, a former member of the PQ from 2012 to 2014, who was also the Secretary of Health and Social Services. The host says: I don’t care about political loyalty. Réjean Hébert had a massive insurance scheme for autonomy inspired by what we saw in Japan and Denmark. We should listen to him more. Since he was associated with a political party, he might not be listened to.

Anne Soleil Proto believes that this file should be handled without political bias, as it happened to a dying medical aid: There should be no partisanship. We must listen to the specialists, who all say about the same thing: the solution lies in home support, as long as that is possible.

documentary last house It airs June 6 at 9:30 PM on TVA and will be presented as a follow-up on TVA+.

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