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Antitout Human Chain on Trans Canada this weekend

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The Sûreté du Québec (SQ) will be under watch Saturday on the Trans-Canada Highway, as protesters planned to form a human chain across the province to denounce the health measures.

“We are aware of the situation and remain alert to this demonstration,” he assures Newspaper Lieutenant Ann Mathew, spokesperson for SQ.

The human chain - health procedures

The human chain – health procedures

The lieutenant specifies that other police forces and even the Quebec Department of Transportation could be involved in monitoring the protesters this weekend.

They claim that the event is a continuation of the convoy of truck drivers who have been sitting in Ottawa for about a month and who have put the residents of the federal capital in distress.

From Saturday at 1 p.m., human chains along the roads will be visible. Rimouski, Drummondville, Levis, Rigaud and Belwill are the five cities where protesters will gather to demand an end to all health measures.

“We, the main thing is that the protesters and motorists do not put themselves in danger. The concept of safety will be the most important, says Ann Mathew.

As with the Caravan of Truckers, this movement is generally Canadian. So human chains were planned in many cities in all provinces of the country.

The human chain - health procedures

Facebook / screenshot

Newspaper Talk to Guillaume Fortin, Quebec’s Human Chain Organizer.

The human chain - health procedures

FreeChoice / Facebook

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“Our goal is to fill the entire Trans-Canada Highway. It will certainly take people in Tabarnac,” admits Guillaume Fortin, 36. The organizer wants nothing less than to “set a world record for longest human chain” this weekend.

Remember that by March 14, the vaccination passport and almost all health measures will be abandoned in Quebec.

Mr. Fortin also acknowledges collaborating with trade unionist Bernard “Rambo” Gauthier, the Verdadas’ anti-sanitary group and even the controversial Kevin Bilodo to implement his project.

In a video posted on his Facebook page, Mr Bilodo also invited truck drivers from the “Freedom Caravan” to take part in the “Freedom Series” scheduled for Saturday.

“It is not over until it is over. People are wondering why we are doing this. He insists that the health emergency not be rescinded.”

Kevin Bilodo also expressed his disappointment that Steve Varvadas “L’Artiss” Charland was absent from Saturday’s event. This notorious conspirator was arrested Sunday in Ontario in connection with the truckers’ convoy. Currently, the leader of the Fardada family is still in custody until his court appearance in Ottawa.

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