Oil pollution in the Gulf of Mexico after the Ida Pass

(Washington) Skimming and containment systems have been installed in the Gulf of Mexico, off the coast of Louisiana, to respond to oil pollution discovered after the hurricane passed. IdaAFP learned Sunday from the US Coast Guard.

The affected area is off Port Fortune, a port in Louisiana (south) about 160 kilometers from New Orleans, which is primarily engaged in the storage and delivery of oil.

A statement said the Louisiana Coast Guard had “reported contamination” in this area and were “responding.”

Talos Energy, an offshore oil drilling company in Texas, sent a dive team on Sunday to try to determine the source of the oil spill.

The group said in a statement that the latter’s teams “identified a 12-inch pipeline that did not belong to Talos, which moved from its original position in the trench and appears to be bent and open.” “In addition, two 4-inch tubes that did not belong to Talos were identified nearby, which are open and appear to have been abandoned before.”

Talos Energy determines that in 2017, it halted production in the area affected by the oil spill, by blocking sources and removing its pipeline network.

Hurricane withstand winds of 240 km / h Ida It hit the coast of Louisiana a week ago, causing “catastrophic” damage according to local authorities.

IdaThat turned into a storm, then continued on its way and particularly affected New York and its region.

The hydrocarbon-rich Gulf of Mexico is one of the most important oil producing regions of the United States.

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This is where the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded in 2010, creating an oil spill that is generally considered the most dangerous in history.

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